Breast Implants and All Things Skin

Increased confidence is the main goal of many women getting breast implants. You will take time to get there though. Before you reach the healing journey’s end there’s a lot of skin related things you may experience.

So, let's talk all things skin, and how to navigate some of the stops along the way of your healing journey.

Breast Implants and Skin

Will I Get Stretch Marks After Breast Implants?

There's bad news and good news.

The bad news: some women are just more prone to develop stretch marks :(

The good news: you can help minimize that risk. Looking after your skin before and after getting breast implants is super important.

My own Boobie Butter is a great way to keep your skin hydrated and give it the best chance of handling the stretch from your breast implants.

If you do get stretchmarks, don't worry, they will fade.

Will My Skin Break Out After getting Breast Implants?

More spots than a leopard... on your chest?!

Don't be discouraged if in the days and weeks after your breast augmentation it feels as though your daily moisture bath is causing pimples.

Most ladies get these! Just keep treating you skin, keep it clean and moisturized and they will pass.

Skin Sensitivity after Breast Implants

Sore, itching, HYPERsensitive, even peeling skin. These are all normal.

Skin stretching and nerves firing back in to life can leave you with a pretty epic case of "ouch... I feel like I've been in the sun too long".

Skin peeling after breast implants

This is just hypersensitivity. It's not nice, and some women even say they feel like their breasts are on fire!

Treat it the same way you would sunburn. Keep the skin moisturized, cool and (if your plastic surgeon allows it) some bra-free time so the material doesn't irritate your sensitive skin.

Scars after Breast Implants

We all heal at different rates, but all scars do fade. Expect your scars to go on a journey from the early ‘OMG totally there’ stage through to the ‘OMG almost gone’ stage in around 6 months.

If you want to give your scars a helping hand I highly suggest checking out my (another shameless promotion) Scar Salve!

Just be sure to only apply any scar treatment after your incisions have healed (incisions take 24-48 hours to “seal” and 4-6 weeks to completely heal).

Skin Rash after Breast Implants

Antibiotics, dry skin (from stretching and the surgical cleansing preparation) and even your dressings may cause a rash.

I'd always get any troublesome rash on your boobs after breast augmentation surgery checked out by your plastic surgeon in case it is an allergy to your dressings!

Look after you and your skin so you can focus and enjoy your new girls :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

You may notice some changes to your skin early in the recovery period. It is common to have changes in sensation that are mainly related to swelling and resolve fairly quickly. Jenny Eden's recommendations for skin care to reduce any chance of stretch marks and speed up the scar healing process are great!