Breast Implants and the Natural Woman

So if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably caught on to the fact that I’m a pretty “natural” kind of hippie kind of gal. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong decade...

I love crocheting, The Doors, and I had my baby in the upstairs bedroom of an old hippie commune (The Farm).

My family is also very choosy about the food we eat, we often use holistic healthcare, and maybe you’ve noticed that all of my Boobie products are 100% all natural.

But I also have breast implants...

Does that seem inconsistent? Well I sure don’t think so! However, when new friends find out that I have breast implants, they normally respond with some surprise... as if that’s out of character for me or “not granola enough.”  :-)

Even if you don’t bathe in a river, most women who choose a breast augmentation are hit with some question as to why they would have an elective procedure. 

When most people hear "elective procedure," plastic surgery is typically what comes to mind. However, elective procedures are actually the majority of all surgeries done in the U.S. For the sake of perspective, let's take a quick look at some popular procedures that are entirely elective:

  • Refractive Surgery - Less-than-perfect eye sight? Maybe glasses and contacts aren’t your thing. At the time I'm writing this, around eight million people in the U.S. have had laser eye surgery to improve their sight.

  • Cosmetic Dental Work - Elective, even sedative dental work is considered safe and very culturally acceptable.

  • Reproductive Surgery - While sometimes necessary for a person’s health, many families choose a vasectomy or tubal ligation as their form of permanent birth control. On the flip side, a variety of elective procedures can be performed on both men and women to increase their chances of being able to conceive.

When faced with questions about your choice to get a breast augmentation, keep in mind that the person critiquing your choice has probably had one or more elective procedures done themselves.

Also remember that you might have the opportunity to liberate someone to think outside that box. I know when I found out that one of my crunchy friends had gotten a breast augmentation (before mine), it normalized my desire to have one.

More Natural Breast Implant Options

So, while saline and silicone each come with their own sets of ups and downs, saline was a clear choice for me. The fact that a saline implant is filled with sterile salt water, made me feel comfortable with that tiny chance of a leak.

I felt like saline better aligned with my natural values.

Another way to make your journey more natural is to talk to your plastic surgeon about avoiding so many post surgery narcotics. While there’s no shame in taking some pain medications if needed, I used Arnica Montana to manage 100% of my pain after the first 2 days.

Can I Still Be a Natural Woman with Breast Implants?

The concept of living in a holistic way is more than just making natural and alternative choices about your health. The word holistic simply means, "the idea that a whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

Getting breast implants doesn't disqualify you from having an all-natural or holistic lifestyle.

Your breasts are an integral part of your physical and mental landscape. That landscape is beautiful, confident, valuable and yes… even natural :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

There are so many great resources for the natural woman that didn't used to be here. Thank you, Jenny Eden, for being one of them.