3 Healing Foods to Eat During Your Recovery

The other day I was having coffee with a friend and we ended up on the topic of healing foods that helped us recover after getting breast implants.

Being an all-natural girl, I got super excited about the conversation and we ended up talking about healing foods for most of the morning! I thought I'd share some of the foods we talked about, and I've managed to narrow down the list to a few of my favorite (and most tasty!)

Recovery Food #1: Pineapple

Pineapple is a wonderful recovery food! Not only is it delicious, it is also high in a protein enzyme called Bromelain.

Bromelain is an enzyme used for more than 200 years to help the body repair damaged cellular tissue from wounds and incisions...

Reducing post-surgical trauma by up to 50%!

Obviously, Bromelain is incredible, which is why I include it in my Breast Augmentation Recovery Kit! :-)

Recovery Food #2: Fuji Apples

Apples are wonderful sources of fiber, and they also help your body balance the water content in your intestines.

In other words, they help regulate your poop.

Most women, including me, get a pretty terrible case of constipation after breast implants surgery (due to the medications).

By introducing apples into your diet during your recovery, specifically Fuji apples, you'll be helping your body stay regular.

Recovery Food #3: Raw Carrots or Carrot Juice

Yes, that's right... raw carrots!!

Carrots are an absolutely incredible food to eat during your recovery, and the benefits are too numerous to list here. But let's talk about one of them...

Carotenoids. (I promise that's a real word!)

Carotenoids are extremely powerful antioxidants that help the immune system defend the body from free radical damage, harmful bacteria, viruses and inflammation.

Your body is working overtime after getting breast implants to heal itself, and both the carotenoids and beta carotene found in raw carrots and carrot juice will help you heal as fast as possible.

The basic principle here is simple... Nutrition is a key component to a quicker, healthier recovery!

So make sure that you are putting high-quality fuel into your body, especially during the first couple weeks of recovery! :-)