The Breast Augmentation Community Online: An Invaluable Source of Support!

Online breast augmentation community, Bustmob

Whether you embrace it or not, we live in an increasingly online world.

There are several online breast augmentation groups and I think everyone can get something from the support they can offer. Let me explain why...

All The Little Things of Your Breast Augmentation Journey

Your experienced, accredited plastic surgeon should give you lots of information about what to do to prepare for your breast augmentation and what to expect during recovery and beyond. 

However, they couldn't possibly tell you every part of recovery from a breast augmentation and what it's actually like to have breast implants day-to-day. (Unless of course your plastic surgeon actually has breast implants!)

This is where the online breast augmentation community comes in to its own. If you want to find out about the real parts of getting breast implants, ask a question or get some advice, the Boobie Sisters who are part of the breast augmentation online community will be there for you.

We'll be able to tell you about when to expect your breast augmentation recovery milestones (like showering, drying your hair and sleeping on your side, to name just a few), how to beat the post-surgical bloat, what it feels like to get boob greed, and how to get comfy in bed when you have to sleep upright following your breast augmentation.

I know I'm biased, but the private EKI Bustmob group is incredibly supportive... we're a community of women who are traveling the same journey and can help to support and reassure others.

Sometimes it's just good to know something you're experiencing is completely normal. I'll take 'zingers' as an example (this isn't the official medical term btw!). My first plastic surgeon told me to expect "pain when nerves in the breasts damaged by surgery regenerate".

But, he didn't tell me what it would feel like (it's like a rubber band snapping on the skin in case you were wondering) or how long it would go on for... and don't even get me started on how I wasn't aware about 'boob farts'!!!!

Honestly, I think our plastic surgeons could learn a thing or two off us about the very real side of getting breast implants!

Breast Augmentation Reassurance

There are definitely cases where you should go straight to your plastic surgeon (and they'll usually tell you what these kind of things are before your breast augmentation). But the online community is a great sounding board for those "Is this normal?" kind of questions.  

And you will have plenty of them, even if you research your breast augmentation like a professional research specialist, trust me!

If you're having a down day, or you're worrying if something you're experiencing is normal the breast augmentation community will be able to weigh-in with their own experiences and more often than not reassure you that everything is okay.

We've got a wealth of experience... we've got some great tips and ideas for breast augmentation prep and recovery (we know, because we've tried them - and probably after being recommended them by others!) and we'll even have a funny story or two to share with you ("this one time, when I was bra shopping...").

breast augmentation online community

Ask a question (any question!) in the online breast augmentation forums and you'll find you get lots of feedback on the real parts of recovery. And this is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE the online breast augmentation community.

A word of warning about online breast augmentation communities and forums is to see them as A source of advice. Not THE source of advice. There's no substitute for asking a medical professional about aspects of your pre- and post-surgery journey. 

Get what you want from your own breast augmentation journey but know that you are not alone. If you do want that little bit extra support we'll be there for you :)

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

I love that BustMob exists. It allows women to discuss things in a judgement free zone with other women all along the journey. The diversity of opinions, the diversity of experiences and the diversity of people is unlike almost anything else in medicine.

Plus it isn't full of contradictory surgeon opinions (like RealSelf) and it doesn't have a salesteam trying to convince surgeons to pay thousands of dollars to influence you (like JBI). It's just you and your friends and that's truly special.