Breast Augmentation Pre-Op: What to Expect!

What happens during a breast implant pre op?

You’re booked, you’re paid up and you’re on the final days of your breast augmentation countdown. The last big step before Surgery Day is the pre-op appointment.

A couple of weeks (or thereabouts) before your breast augmentation you can expect to attend a pre-op.

There isn't really a standard breast augmentation pre-op, but you'll likely find some of the following are covered:

  • Taking and reviewing photos - it's essential for your plastic surgeon to 'benchmark' your before breasts for comparison after breast implants

  • Checking your breast augmentation goals and the breast implant options - so you can make a final decision on size/profile etc. Your pre-op appointment may be where you try on sizers and make the choice, or where you double-check your decision if you did this in an earlier consult.

  • Review written and verbal pre and post-op instructions - checking you understand the breast augmentation procedure itself (and the risks and benefits), go through the consent forms

  • Discuss and order your meds - depending how your surgeon's facility works (be sure to ask!) you may be issued with your post-op med prescriptions.

  • Review medical history - your plastic surgeon may order or review blood tests, take your blood pressure, and check you are fit for surgery by checking any past and present health conditions and any meds you're already taking. They may also take your weight and height (although this is more commonly done on the day of surgery).

  • Answer any final questions - now this part of your pre-op assessment appointment is KEY.

All of this should take your surgeon 30-60 minutes (depending on how chatty they are!). If you're just going through paperwork you can probably expect your pre-op to be conducted by a surgical co-ordinator (and not your plastic surgeon).

If you're the super-organized type and you want to know how your surgeon will conduct a pre-op assessment ask about it at your first consult! I did :) I do love being super-prepared!

The Final Breast Augmentation Countdown

Before you skip merrily (and lots of us did!) out of your pre-op and enter the exciting period of counting down the days to your surgery, make sure you use the pre-surgery consultation to ask any final questions.

Preparing for your breast augmentation

You'll feel more relaxed counting down to surgery if you've had any burning questions answered, so be sure to make a list! (I made one with pen and paper and my phone- just to be safe)

A great place to get ideas for your list is Bustmob, my women only breast augmentation community! Your pre-op is an exciting appointment, the final step before the big day! :-D

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Your consult is about your finding the right surgeon and the right practice. Your preop is about nailing down the details and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

There's a lot to think about and your time in a Pre-op is important. Use it to take a deep breath, listen intently to the advice and instructions, and write down your questions beforehand so that you don't have to ask them in the middle.

Instead, my advice is to listen to all of it and then fill in the details with your questions. And always remember, your preop isn't your last opportunity to be informed and educated. If you aren't sure of something ask, even if you have already left.