The Breast Augmentation Nesting Instinct

Getting ready for your breast augmentation

In the weeks leading to your breast augmentation you may find yourself going in to a bit of a cleaning/tidying/preparing/organizing frenzy!

All y’all moms out there will know what I mean when I say ‘nesting’!

If you don't already know (or you need a little reminder), the nesting instinct is something associated with moms-to-be in which they prepare for baby's arrival by getting their home ready.

Well, I think the same thing can happen when you’re prepping for your breast augmentation!

Breast Augmentation Nesting

Like that last bit of pregnancy, in the weeks before your breast augmentation the anticipation can cause more adrenaline than usual surging around your body.

The result – a final frenzy of prep, and (potentially) some real emotional highs and lows too.

Whether your last couple of weeks before getting breast implants leave you feeling overly excited (trust me, this does happen) or wobbly nervous, breast augmentation nesting can actually be a really valuable way to channel all this energy.

It's pretty helpful to get organized and clean your home before your surgery anyways, as it'll mean a smoother recovery afterwards.

Just don't go too far with your breast augmentation nesting!

preparing for your breast augmentation and breast implants

I’ve been known to get a paintbrush out when I’m preparing for something big! But a total home makeover is the last thing you need (especially if it’s going to cause you frustration if it’s half done – you will be off all activity like this for weeks during your recovery) that close to surgery.

So, keep it simple and if the breast augmentation nesting instinct strikes, expect to find yourself:

  • Spring cleaning - sitting around and seeing dust on top of cupboards may drive you crazy when you're supposed to be resting after your breast augmentation so tackle any cobwebs before your surgery)

  • Shopping like a demon - for healthy post-op food and snacks, medical supplies, things for your hospital bag and things for when you're at home and want a fuss-free breast augmentation recovery

  • Turning into a chef - meals prepared before = no meal prep after surgery!

  • Doing life admin - paying bills before means less things to worry about in your early breast augmentation recovery days

  • Touching base with the online community - great for all those last minute questions and tips!

No Breast Augmentation Nesting?

Just like in pregnancy it's not a given that you'll get the nesting instinct before your breast augmentation.

We don’t all have the breast augmentation nesting instinct come over us. But if you do find yourself having a cleaning and organizing frenzy, don’t be surprised.

At least you’ll have a tidy home and in the process you'll help to calm some of the pre-surgery nerves and excitement!

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

There is some evidence that people who prepare their recovery area before surgery do better, need less pain medicine and report a better experience overall. If nesting helps your process, and if you are someone who needs things in order, give in to the temptation and it will make your recovery better.