Aunt Flo on the Day of Your Breast Augmentation

Prepping for surgery can be exciting, nerve-wracking, challenging and even full of surprises!


One added, extra, lil not-so-super surprise you may not have been thinking about is… your period!

As in, what happens if you’re on your period on the day of surgery?

The answer is: nothing!

Surprise visitor

Truly, girl! Our bodies are marvelous but sometimes not so predictable. So if you find that your surgery is scheduled for around the time of Aunt Flo’s monthly visit or you end up off-schedule and you get a surprise visitor in time for surgery day it’s good to know that it won’t affect your procedure.


It’s actually quite common for a woman to be on her period during a surgery.

Surgery and the process leading up to it can be quite stressful. Stress can affect your hormones and this means your monthly cycle might be affected. While this may mean you skip a visit from Aunt Flo due to all the excitement it might also mean that she arrives earlier than expected!

If on the day of surgery you’re on your period just mention it to your pre-op nurse and your surgical team can ensure you’re comfortable during and after your surgery. The only thing you may want to consider is what sanitary protection you choose. As in, opt for the maxi pad over tampons because anesthesia may make you forget there’s one in place. (Yikes!)

Some things may and can affect your breast augmentation surgery. An unexpected visit from Aunt Flo on the day of surgery though will have no impact on your breast augmentation!