Breast Augmentation and Your Menstrual Cycle

“Can I have my breast augmentation if Im on my period?”

Aunt Flo, she’s never well-timed, even at the best of times. If you’re predicting the arrival of your menstrual cycle around the time of your breast augmentation, you may be a bit worried.

Your Menstrual Period and Your Breast Augmentation

First up girl, lots of women have their breast augmentation during their menstrual cycle.

When you book your date for your breast augmentation it may not even be on your mind where you'll be in your monthly cycle.

“Do I have to cancel my breast augmentation if I start my period?”

Most women schedule their breast augmentation based on other factors, but there may be some circumstances when you do decide to fit it in around your menstrual cycle.

Although there's no precise answers, it can make sense to defer surgery if (for you) Aunt Flo is an absolute nuisance. There's a couple of times when you may want to time your breast augmentation around your menstrual cycle:

  • If your breasts usually swell a lot - getting breast implants when Aunt Flo is visiting could cause increased swelling and pain post-op. It could also affect decisions about surgical technique or even the size of breast implants.

  • If you take painkillers for period pains you may not be able to use them before surgery - aspirin and ibuprofen should not be taken for ten days to two weeks prior to surgery as they increase the chances of surgical bleeding and complications

  • If you have a heavy flow - be sure to tell your surgeon at your consultations so they can factor this in to your surgery plan.

Do I have to reschedule my breast augmentation if I start my period?

If you can schedule your breast augmentation away from Aunt Flo’s monthly visit you may be more comfortable, but if she visits (expected or unexpectedly) it’s easy enough to deal with.

What seems to worry women the most is what they'll do about it on the day of surgery.

Advice here seems to vary, but most surgeons do not like women to use tampons on the day of surgery - it's basically because of the risk it'll be forgotten about (as you'll be groggy from the anaesthesia and meds). Use a maxi pad – girl, sometimes you gotta take one for the team (the team being your ‘new girls’!).

Surgery can majorly mess with your menstrual cycle!

And, even if you’re as "regular as a clock" and choose to schedule your breast augmentation between periods you may find you start early, on the day of or within a few days after surgery... or even be late! Your menstrual cycle can become irregular at times of stress and from surgery and anesthesia (so it's also not unusual for things to go haywire after your breast augmentation).

Breast Implants and Your Menstrual Cycle or Period

It’s not weird to talk to your surgeon about your menstrual cycle

If you have concerns about this issue, it’s important to discuss it with your plastic surgeon. Don't be embarrassed... ask your surgeon what their protocol is if you're menstruating on the day of your breast augmentation.

Your surgeon should be able to discuss your concerns, alleviate any anxieties you have and, if needed, come up with a plan to ensure surgery is scheduled comfortably.

Bottom line, it doesn't have to be a big deal. Plenty of women have surgery at their time of the month, so don't lose any precious sleep over it. :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

As you would imagine, this a very common question and Jenny Eden provides all of the right advice. If you do tend to have more than average swelling of your breasts during your menstrual cycle, it may be best to find a time when that is less of a factor.

Otherwise, there is relatively little impact on the scheduling of your surgery and it's certainly a topic worth discussing with us if you have any questions.