Before Getting Breast Implants Learn These 7 Things

So, the other day I was on hold for 20 minutes with an airline company. Listening to the same distorted classical music on a loop, with intermittent messages telling me to visit them online. Then suddenly, I noticed the fine print at the bottom of an email I had from them saying that the hours of operation were 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday.

Right… So holding for twenty minutes on a Saturday was getting me nowhere fast.

Sometimes it can be like that with breast implants.

It doesn’t matter how much homework you do, there will probably be something that makes you think “Hmm, that would have been good to know earlier.”

So let me throw a few things out there that I wish I’d known before my first breast augmentation...

1. You May Not Be Able to Get Any Size Breast Implant

Wait, what? While you might be thinking, "What’s the point of getting breast implants if I can’t pick the size?!" 

Take a deep breath. There are a ton of factors to take into account when deciding on the best implant size for your body.

Your anatomy, breast tissue, original size and shape will determine how big you can go safely without complications, stretching and scarring.

2. You May Need a Breast Lift with your Augmentation

Breast augmentation increases size and restores volume, but it won’t be able to correct issues like post pregnancy droop, sagging due to age, or sudden weight changes.

If you’re concerned about this, ask your plastic surgeon if combining a breast lift with your breast augmentation is right for you.

A breast lift can will raise your breasts to a higher position, and may also be able to resize and reposition the nipples.

3. Breast Augmentation May Not Help Your Cleavage

Whether your cleavage will be improved or not depends a lot on how close together your breasts are naturally.

Breast implants will obviously increase their size, but if your breasts are naturally wide set, a breast augmentation won’t change the breast position.

Saline breast implants will give you a rounder, fuller look and feel at the top, but a good push-up bra may still be your friend.

4. Your Final Breast Augmentation Results Take Time

You've probably heard by now that it will take a while for your breast implants to lower into their final position.

Usually after a few weeks you’ll be feeling pretty happy with where they’re at, however don’t worry if even after three or four months, your breasts still aren’t feeling right.

It’s a gradual process and different for everybody. For some women it can take up to six months for their breast tissue to accommodate around the implant.

5. You’ll Need At Least a Week off Work

You may be feeling ready by the third or fourth day, or you may be being pressured to get back, but you’ll need to prepare yourself for at least seven days off.

And if your job involves any heavy lifting you’ll need to allow for at least three weeks.

Be sure to discuss the specific demands of your job with your plastic surgeon so that you can plan accordingly.

6. No Driving During Recovery

The position of your arms when you drive can really make your armpits and breasts feel sore, especially if you're driving for long periods of time.

If possible, plan to avoid driving altogether in the first few weeks post-op. Get rides from friends or if you live in a city check out your public transportation options. Think of it as an adventure!

7. Stub it Out

Nicotine restricts your supply of blood to the breast tissue and can have a negative impact on your breast augmentation outcome, so it’s vital that you quit smoking at least six weeks before breast surgery.

Patients with nicotine in their systems have a much higher risk of infection and scarring, as well as other complications. So if there was ever the perfect excuse to stub it out; here it is.

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

Very helpful comments from Jenny Eden here. In your consultation we comprehensively discuss the key aspects of what's important in breast aesthetics.

The goal is to be sure that all of these potential surprises are addressed early and you feel comfortable with the plan for your potential surgery. Before your surgery, we are also mindful about going through each step of your recovery so that you are prepared and confident in it being a smooth process.