7 Creative Ways to Pay for Your Breast Augmentation

Unless you’ve been pinching your pennies for months and months and months… how you finance your breast augmentation is as big of a decision as selecting your surgeon and breast implants!

A breast augmentation is a big investment – an investment in yourself and a financial commitment now and in the future.

The key to finding the right way to fund your surgery is to ask yourself first off:  can you afford it?

Chances are you can!

Especially if you get imaginative!


Is cash or credit the best way to pay for breast implants?

I’m a big advocate of paying cash upfront for your surgery. Lots of women pay cash for their breast augmentation surgery after saving, saving and saving some more!

We’re not all good (or patient-enough) to save though, let’s be honest. Saving takes discipline and more than the occasional sacrifice (think: missing vacations and totally holding-off on those summer wardrobe purchases). Saving cash for a breast augmentation though is totally worth it.

7 Ways to Make Extra Money For Your Breast Augmentation

If the thought of saving makes you anxious, I’d like to share with you some of THE most ingenious ways some of the women on my Instagram account have told me they financed their surgery.

1.     Airbnb a room in your house

No matter what your home is like it might be possible to bring in some extra $$$ by posting a spare room in your house on Airbnb!

Just think... the spare room is just sitting there and you’d be surprised how quickly those rental dollars stack up. (especially if there’s a big event happening in your area!)

2.     Left over money from your wedding budget

Getting married is also another big bucks life experience! If you scrimped and saved for your wedding and made some awesome deals along the way, chances are you have some money left over.

A redirection of your leftover funds could mean you’re saying hello to your new post-wedding bresat implants to yourself sooner than you think!


3.     Working on the holidays

We all love getting into the holiday spirit and work may be the last thing on your mind. You don’t have to be a Grinch to work the holidays!

If you want a quicker route to your breast augmentation consider if turning up to work to cover the holidays is something you can do... it usually means bigger paychecks and overtime and hey, presto you could be closer to a New Year-New You!


4.     Tax Return

We all dread it but it can pay dividends if filed correctly. If you’re one of the lucky ones who get money back in May from your tax returns this could be your ‘I’m gonna pay in cash’ option for your breast augmentation surgery. More women do this than you’d imagine!


5.     Inheritance

There isn’t a closer example to a pot of money at the end of a rainbow than an unexpected inheritance. If you get an unexpected inheritance you could set aside a portion to cover your surgery. Large or small – an inheritance can make a big difference to your life.


6.     Saving commission checks or bonuses

#Work, work, work, work, work, work
You see me I be work, work, work, work, work, work#

Rihanna totally nailed it with these lyrics, girl! If you get bonuses or commission checks from your job and set it aside all that work, work, work could pay for your surgery quick, quick, quick!


7.     Car wreck settlement

Every cloud has a silver lining?

One of my breast augmentation community ladies actually did use a portion of her car wreck settlement to cover her BA surgery! I think what I’m saying is there can be always be an unexpected way to fund your surgery.

Once you look closer at the ways you live (and spend!) you may see an even-more ingenious way to finance your breast augmentation.

Whether you save, save, save or have a slightly more unusual way of funding your breast augmentation... it really goes to show that almost anyone can figure out a way to make their boobie dreams come true!