Breast Implants And Thin Women (5 Things to Know!)

Am I too think for breast implants?

One of the main reasons women get breast implants is to achieve a sense of body proportion. Heading to plastic surgery to achieve a curvier silhouette can do wonders for your confidence.

Different anatomies bring different considerations to the surgical table though, and you petite ladies should be aware of a few possible differences in your surgical outcomes from getting breast implants.

1. Augmented Breast Implant Look, Or Natural?

If you’re starting off with very little breast tissue most plastic surgeons will recommend placing your breast implants under the muscle (although I have heard of some ladies who go for overs). This is to hide the breast implant edges.

Where you have very little of your own boobs and suddenly you have boobs (especially side boob) it’s possible (most often when you bend down) that you will see the breast implant rippling (it feels like bumps). Rippling sideboob is a common occurrence in breast augmentations on women with smaller breasts.

Although silicone breast implants can feel similar to real breasts, they are after all a man made device so they won’t feel 100% like natural breast tissue.

You'll be more likely to notice there's a breast implant in a woman who began with little breast tissue than a woman who had more breast tissue to begin with (less boob to cover an implant to disguise it).

We do all get varying degrees of softness with our breast implants as we all have different anatomies but if you have no breast tissue, they will likely feel slightly firmer than the rest of your breast.

My plastic surgeon explained the firmness of breast implants in slender women as being like the dense breast tissue of a younger woman.  The easiest ways around this are to opt for a smaller breast implant, and placing the breast implants under the muscle (making them harder to detect).

2. Don't Get Caught Up On Breast Implant Size (cc's)

Don't know what size to go?

The most commonly requested size for breast augmentations is now a modest C cup.  BUT a C-cup on you will look different to a C cup on a curvier lady.

Just because your friends got 400cc and they look amazing doesn't mean your body can handle that size breast implant. The size/shape/proportions of the breast implant your plastic surgeon will recommend for you will be determined by YOUR anatomy.

Browsing the internet for boobspiration photos and setting your heart on a specific size breast implant will likely leave you very disappointed when you head for consultations with plastic surgeons.

It's important to focus on the look you want, rather than getting hung up on CC size. And to be honest, I'd be worried if you saw a plastic surgeon who said they'd give you whatever you wanted without taking your individual anatomy in to consideration.

You may well want AMPLE breasts... you can still have them, but be prepared for it to take more than one breast augmentation if this is your boobie aim.

3. A Little Breast Implant Can Go A Long Way

A small breast implant can go a long way on a smaller lady. 150-200ccs is usually an increase of one cup size. So, if you're an A cup and you're aiming for a C cup you'd expect to need an implant of 300-400cc's.

That being said, I know of one lady who went from a 30C to a 30F... so, up 3 cup sizes with a 295cc implant.

This is because on a petite woman a small breast implant can create a large cup breast. That same implant on a larger woman can barely be noticeable. It is the implant size in relation to the body/chest size that matters.

And... an extra 25-50cc is unlikely to make a difference

If your plastic surgeon is recommending two breast implants, for example 200cc and 250cc, you're likely to hear most people recommend going for the bigger breast implant (to ward off the boob greed). BUT do not set your heart on it.

Be prepared that in your breast augmentation your body may only take the smaller breast implant. The above lady (30c to 30F lady) was recommended 3 implant sizes at her consultation (295cc, 335cc and 375cc) and ended up with the smaller of the three because that's all her body could accommodate.

Size does matter (I am resisting the urge to smirk as I write this!) but so does your sense of proportion and body balance. Remember that when you get caught up in the cc numbers game.

4. Have Realistic Breast Augmentation Expectations

If you're starting with a small A cup, don't expect to go up to a DD cup after one breast augmentation It's important to set realistic goals.

Your body and skin need time to adjust, so a plastic surgeon will likely suggest going up only a couple cup sizes at first, then increasing the breast implant size over time.

It is the plastic surgeon's job to pick the right breast implant options, not the patient's. Breast implant selection is really pretty technical.

In the slender lady, chest width (and existing breast volume) is the main limiting factor. Breast implants are measured in volume AND width. In order to get volume (the cc's bit) in a narrower implant width (to fit a narrower chest) your plastic surgeon will most likely recommend a higher profile/projection implant.

High profile breast implants have a bad rep for looking faker but if you want size that’s the way to go. A good plastic surgeon will listen to your desires and work out the best solution for the size AND look you're after.

Some plastic surgeons vary wildly too in their recommendations. Expect to hear recommendations from as low as 200cc to 400cc. Whatever your plastic surgeon recommends trust them to deliver the outcome you've discussed.

5. Prepare for Boobs BEFORE Your Breast Augmentation

If you're starting out as a member of the itty bitty titty committee it can be quite a shock to go from no boobs to boobs.

Mostly you'd imagine this a good feeling, but it can take some emotional as well as physical adjustment to get used to having boobs. Some people can become quite uncomfortable with any new attention they get after a breast augmentation.

I'm a prepper... I believe in being prepared wherever you can for whatever you can.  You could prepare for life with boobs before your breast implants surgery.

I'm an advocate of trying on sizers in your plastic surgeon's office but you can also make sizers at home using rice. You're going to have to retire a pair of stockings to do this but it's definitely worth it!

try on breast implants

There are loads of tutorials online for making your own sizers but as a general guide use the mid section of a pair of stockings for each sizer and add 0.0375ozs rice per cc (so, a 240cc implant would be 9oz of dry rice).

Knot both ends of the stocking and pop the sizers inside a sports bra (this is important to mimic the compression of the chest muscle on breast implants).

This test is just a guide... but if you go out wearing your sizers you can see how you feel about your silhouette in different clothes before you go under the knife.

The key to body balance is, itself, a balance. Be informed and keep your expectations in check. And good luck on your boobie journey :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Jenny Eden makes a lot of great points here. Because there are so many option, picking the best implant can sometimes seem like a confusing process, especially if you have a petite frame.

This is an area in particular where we have found our Vectra 3D imaging system to be especially helpful.

Using sizers can be a useful way to simulate how implants may feel on your body, but the Vectra does a really great job showing how different sizes and types of implants will look on your body, making that process much less intimidating.