3 Things to Prepare for With Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

When preparing for your consultation it can go either of two ways… you’re either super pumped, kinda nervous, or a combo of both!

Excited 2.gif

The prepping stage of a breast augmentation journey is a time when you can visualize your dream and start to put a plan in to action, whether getting breast implants has been a short or life-long goal!

Be Prepared!


Whether you’re a natural prepper or a wing-it kinda gal, there’s a few things to be aware of ahead of your consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon.

Here’s my top 3 things to ‘be prepared’ for…

Number 1 - The Physical Exam


First up, your consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon is your chance to discuss your goals for breast augmentation surgery. This will be a case of what are you unhappy about with your breasts and how do you want them to look with implants?

Whether you’ve thought about it or not it’s best to know up-front that your consultation will involve a physical exam. In other words, at some point you will be without your top during your consultation.

Your Board Certified plastic surgeon will put you at ease and using their skills, experience and professionalism and take you through the steps of how they will transform your existing breast anatomy into your augmentation goals through surgery.

Trust me, it’s not as weird as it sounds. And once it’s over and done with, you’ll know exactly what you need!

Number 2 - The Boobie Guide

Another great tool to take to your breast aug consultation is your Boobie Guide! A boobie guide is a woman who has the results you’re wanting to achieve.


You can find lots of Boobie Guides here on my website, I’ve split them in to medium, large and extra large. Or check out my Instagram for real life boobie guides in my highlight reel titled “Boobie Guides” and “More Guides”.

Once you’ve found a Boobie Guide, make sure you take some of her photos to your consultation with your Board Certified plastic surgeon so they can actually see what your augmentation goals look like! This will eliminate the possibility of miscommunication on the look you want.

Number 3 - The Questions

I get asked a LOT: what questions should I ask my surgeon when I head for a breast augmentation consultation?

The list would be totally different based on the person though!


I encourage women to take this philosophy in to their consultation. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write down some key questions that are important to you (and so you don’t forget to ask them). It’s just that devising a long list of tons of questions could detract from building rapport with your surgeon, enabling you to suss out the practice and take note of whether you feel heard by the surgeon you’re consulting with.

By all means take a list of questions in with you but save it until the end of your consultation if you can. You’ll find your surgeon will cover a lot of ground before you whip out your questions and then you can ask a few key ones to firm-up your consultation experience.

Preparing for your consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon about getting breast implants can be a super exciting time! Ensure you’re ready for your consultation by knowing what to expect, having your augmentation goals clear in your mind and being ready to ask any clarifying questions to ensure you leave the consultation feeling fully informed.