3 Objectives, Not Questions, to Have at Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Prepping for your breast augmentation consultation can be super exciting!


You've gone from thought to decision and you're one step into your boobie journey already.

Questions, questions, questions

It's only natural that you start to think about what you want to ask at your consultation.

I get asked all the time: “during my consultation, what should I ask?”.

You could easily generate a massive list of questions, trust me!

Or.... you could shift your focus away from reams and reams of questions and think instead about what the objectives of your consultation should be. 

1. establish a relationship with your surgeon

Ask yourself: does your surgeon feel like the right fit for you?


You'll know if you've picked the right surgeon for you if you like how you're being communicated with during the consultation and have trust and confidence in how they say they're going to reach your augmentation goals.

You'll be less hung up on specific questions if, during your consultation, the relationship with your surgeon flows. They'll likely address more than enough of the basic information for you that you shouldn't need a laundry list of questions! Like all good relationships if you start off good it's going to be a good relationship in the long term.

2. Feel out the vibe of the practice

Have you ever walked in to a room and just 'got' the vibe?


Your breast implant journey isn't just about your relationship with your surgeon. It should feel right from the minute you walk into their surgical practice. If the front desk staff are friendly and welcoming, your consultation is on time and the patient care coordinator puts you at ease you're more likely to have a smooth journey than if you felt like a 'number' being herded through the office at warp speed.

Trust your instincts about the vibe of the practice.

3. Did you feel heard?

That first consultation with your surgeon is KEY. You get to feel them out and they should take the time to get to know you as a potential patient. 


Your objective here is to leave the consultation feeling like your surgeon has taken the time to really listen to what you want. If you feel instead like you're being steered then you should get a second opinion. Communication works both ways and it’s important that your surgeon listens and respects what you want. Meeting this objective will put you in the best place for the best outcome for you.


Before you head in to your consultation I (or any of the women in the Bustmob!) could give you a list of hundreds of questions! What you’d find when you stepped in to your consultation though is that the list would become refined and totally tailored to you.

So, instead of a written list of questions (which you’ll find will fly out of you anyways when you’re in the consultation room!) it’s great to take these 3 objectives into your consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. If you 'fit with your surgeon', you 'like the vibe of the practice' and you 'feel heard' then you've started your boobie journey with a full tank of gas!