5 Things to Do While You’re Recovering from Your Breast Augmentation

In a lot of things in life, preparation is… key!


Preparations that get you ahead of a breast augmentation surgery means you’re giving yourself the best chance of a smooth recovery.

Preparing can take the form of: meal-prepping, ensuring you have childcare post-op and making yourself a meds schedule, etc.

It’s not just about logistics though, it’s about your mindset too.

Recovery is….

Straight up, girl, recovery can feel…. super boring at times!

I’d know, I’ve done it myself three times now (breast reduction, first breast augmentation and then an exchange surgery for a change of implants).

If you can prep ahead of surgery for how you’ll approach your recovery and downtime period it’ll definitely help keep some of the crazy brain at bay!

From my own recovery experiences, and some awesome suggestions from women in our supportive online breast augmentation community Bustmob, these are my ‘top 5 things to do’ while you’re recovering from your breast augmentation.

1. Binge watch Netflix

Recovery should be total downtime. Ok, so you need to get up to wash, use the bathroom, eat etc BUT you should take your recovery really steady and that means you have the kind of time on your hands we often dream of! Free time!

Netflix and meds, anyone?!

Netflix and meds, anyone?!

So, ahead of surgery, why not peruse Netflix and add to your watch list some awesome series and a few uplifting films that will ensure you spend your early downtime with your feet up.

2. Get lost in a good book

Reading is just one of the best all-round types of mental stimulation (keeps boredom at bay) and a brilliant form of escapism post-op to stop the boredom and impatience from settling-in.

Escape with a good book!

Escape with a good book!

In the early days post-op you really don’t want to tire or overstretch your chest or arm muscles so have a look in to audio books and let someone else narrate a story of escapism to you!

I love taking a good book with me on vacation. Think about your post-op recovery as a wellness vacay and select a couple of books you know you can get lost in!

3. Go outside

In the early few days after surgery your post-op instructions will be to rest. Netflix and books, yes. Running errands and cleaning, no!!!!

You’ll want to find the right balance between ‘staying mobile’ (think: walking around the house) and resting-up. When you start to get itchy feet a change of scenery will definitely do you the world of good.

Get some fresh air!

Get some fresh air!

Stretch your legs and go outside for some fresh air. Nothing more, nothing less. If you’ve got a porch swing you have the perfect spot to watch the world go by! Just remember… take it steady.

4. Create a new Pinterest board

Sometimes we just need to give our mind something to work on. Application (of your mind) as a form of distraction.

If you’re the crafty type why not start a new Pinterest board of crafts you’re going to tackle when you’re fully recovered?


Or, you could be in the recovery mindset and start a pinterest board of healthy recipes. There’s lots of inspiration out there and you could even upload your own healthy recipes! Whatever the focus of your board it’s the focus that counts. Keeping your mind active when your body is supposed to be resting will keep some of the boredom gremlins at bay.

5. Learn something new

Have you ever wanted to learn something new but just not found the time? Well, when you’re recovering you’ll have a whole heap of ‘free time’ which you can channel in to learning something new!


It could be that you want to learn a craft (knitting, baking, even DIY!) or how to play a musical instrument. As long as it’s all theory (nothing too strenuous in the first few weeks) you can head over to YouTube (while you’ve got your feet up) and check out some tutorials to get you started.

If you happen to be studying for a college class when you get your surgery you could also use your downtime to catch-up with your assignments. Just saying!

When you get a breast augmentation you’ll have a bit of time on your hands while you’re recovering when you’ll be off your usual daily activities and under strict instructions to take it easy. When you have a plan of how you’re going to keep your mind busy (while your body is resting) you’re setting yourself up for a smooth recovery. If you come up with any novel (but chill!) suggestions for how to spend your recovery downtime head over to the Bustmob (online breast augmentation community) and share it with your fellow boobie sisters.