Are Breast Implants a 'Body Cheat'?

If I get a boob job have I cheated my way to a good body?


I get asked this question a LOT. Straight up girl, the idea that getting breast implants is cheating your way to a good body is crazy.

A "Good" Body

You may have good genes and are naturally slim (you lucky lucky ladies!), or work hard at the gym to get body confidence. Any which way, your body is your body.

Getting breast implants can enhance, and compliment what you already have... giving you a newfound body confidence.


Having said that, it's really normal in the early days and weeks after surgery to be a little shocked about your new body proportions. A good kind of shocked! So, don't be surprised if you feel a little awkward in your skin at first while adjusting to your new girls.

Don't Be Quick to Judge

We do tend to judge too quickly. Have you ever noticed a woman with a beautiful figure... someone in proportion... and thought "I'd like that"? By choosing to get breast implants you can give yourself this.


Ok, so there are a few ways you can 'cheat' your way to a good body... but they're all just optical illusions through a bit of wardrobe trickery, fake tan and even make-up! Body shaping apparel and push-up bras are our secret underwear weapons... am I right?!

But where breast implants are concerned you will have made a very considered decision to take a surgical route to change your breasts. And it's not an easy ride... surgery is a trauma to your body. There's that painful 'I have to be patient' phase too, where you wait for your new breasts to evolve and allow your body to fully recover.

Care a little less

If your breasts become the 'icing on the cake' of your body then be proud girl.


I'd go so far as to say maybe care a little less about what other people think.

If you now see yourself the same way you once saw the woman with the enviable figure then you’ve achieved pride in your body, and that’s enough to topple all the judgers and shamers in my book :)

How to Own Your Boob Job

A breast augmentation (especially the planning bit) should be collaborative... with decisions made between you and your surgeon. But you should also own your boob job. And here's how...


Your surgeon is the cosmetic artist and a medical library rolled in to one... and in the BA community are your agony aunts and therapists at times! So, what’s your role?

You’ve got to own your part of the BA journey girl. And your parts of the journey (as well as being the key player, let's face it!) look a bit like this..


Think of yourself as a negotiator... you need to be able to get your view (i.e. your boob wishes) over clearly to your surgeon so they know what you're hoping to achieve from surgery.

But you also need to be your own advocate. Don't pick a surgeon who you have to wrangle over every decision with, but do pick someone who listens to you and works with you.


This bit should come first really! Whether or not you go prepared to your consultations (you should do, by the way) you need to be ready to... listen.

You and your surgeon together make all the important decisions about your breast augmentation... like which implant and which incision site. These decisions you reach together after you've told your surgeon what you hope to gain from breast implant surgery.


After your surgery you take ownership of your boob job by listening to (see above!) and following your surgeon's post-op instructions. A breast augmentation is a BIG investment and your relationship with breast implants could be a long one so you need to make sure you start off as you mean to go on.

Be patient (as best you can!).

It can take 3 months to take ownership of your implants

Be kind to yourself too... you will learn to 'own' your implants with time.


We all know there are haters... and we probably all know a hater! So, what are you going to do if you're faced with someone who thinks your decision (which is a very personal one) is something they can trash?


You're going to have the courage to defend girl! Ok, so it shouldn't be about 'defending yourself' as this is your decision. But, it can help you take ownership of your new girls if you're primed for the haters - and if you have some handy "mind your own beeswax" type responses!


This is your boob job yes, but it is also a collaborative road to the new girls and you can take ownership of very step :)