Your Plastic Surgeon Has Retired, Now What?!

If you decide to get breast implants, the process really gets going when you choose the Board Certified plastic surgeon to carry out your breast augmentation.


The start of that surgeon-patient relationship is one that will see you through: prepping for surgery, your actual surgery, recovery and your follow-up visits.

Your relationship with your surgeon shouldn’t stop after your get your surgery!

But, what happens if that relationship DOES stop?

Happily ever after?

Not forever.gif

In an ideal world your surgeon will be able to see you above and beyond any scheduled post-op follow-ups. For you to be able to pick up the phone further down the line and have any queries answered is important!

Or, for example, if you wanted to exchange your implants (switch them for a different size/type) at a later date.

After all, if you put your trust in them and you were happy with their work you’d go back to them again, right?

But… news flash… what happens if you surgeon… retires?!

Your surgeon has left the building

Depending on your age when you got breast implants and the age of your surgeon there is the possibility that your surgeon will head to retirement before your journey with breast implants is done!

If your trusted Board Certified plastic surgeon retires they will hopefully have given you some notice about their departure from the office where you got your breast augmentation.

It’s good practice for your surgeon to hand over your care to a colleague (possibly in the same surgical office) but if there’s any doubt ask them for a recommendation. This would also be a great opportunity for you to get your medical records from the office if you need to find another practice.

Whether your care is passed to a colleague of your surgeon (for example if you’re still receiving follow-up appointments) or you have to go hunting for a new surgeon when you’re finished with follow-up and you’re considering further surgery… always do your due diligence.

In the same way that you vetted your own surgeon (their skills, training etc) always make sure that a stand-in for your own surgeon is Board Certified and has lots of experience with breast augmentation surgeries.

It would be amazing if your own, trusted, Board Certified plastic surgeon could walk through life with you all the while you have breast implants. If you did find yourself parting ways with your surgeon because they retire, know that you are equipped with the know-how to vet (or seek out) a surgeon to take over your care.