Being Mindful of Your Posture After Breast Implants

If you’ll pardon the pun, getting used to your new additions can be a big adjustment!


Sometimes, it can take a while to acclimatize to dressing the change in the size of your bust. You may find the confidence increase has you walking tall with your head held high.

Although… maybe after a bit of practice!

Let’s talk about your post-op posture.

Re-learning posture

In the early days after surgery you may be a bit sore and your recovering tissues and muscle (if you got implants under the muscle) will likely feel a bit tight.

This can make you roll your shoulders inward and hunch unconsciously… it feels like you want to protect your new girls but, girl, it’s bad for your back and neck!

Even in the early post-op days and weeks it is super important to protect your neck and back from the added weight of your breast implants.

Start early. Focus on your posture by being mindful that you pull your shoulders back (when sitting and standing), even puff out your chest a bit, it’ll help get you on-track to a good posture with your new girls.


In the longer-term some women feel self conscious about the size of their chest in public and get in the bad habit of trying to hide them by rolling their shoulders inward. Posture correcting is very important!

If you notice your posture isn’t quite right or you’re suffering from back and neck pain with the weight of your breast implants, all is not lost. I recommend trying a posture corrector. This is something I use, no joke, almost every single day!

While how you’re sitting or standing might not be on the top of your self-care list following your breast surgery, in both the short and long-term it is super important to ensure you have a supportive posture to help protect your back and neck from the additional weight of your breast implants. Investment in your posture avoids unnecessary neck and back pain and within no time you should be standing (and sitting) tall with your new girls!