Do Breast Implants Affect Your Ability to Breastfeed?

Are you concerned that getting breast implants could cause problems with breastfeeding in the future? Trust me... You’re not alone in your fears.

According to studies, and in the experience of several friends of mine, breast implants placed either above or below the muscle should not disrupt your ability to produce milk.

In fact, 90% of women with breast implants have no troubles breastfeeding their baby.

But you might be wondering about the other 10%... The majority of breast-feeding complications associated with breast implants are related to under the areolar incisions.

Areolar incisions are a popular choice for plastic surgeons because it’s easiest to blend the scar here. However, located in this area are nerves and milk ducts that could be severed and damaged during a breast augmentation, and in some cases this can lead to an improper communication system between milk ducts and your body.

For a small percentage of women, nerves end up getting severed which causes nipple sensitivity, making breastfeeding more painful.

If breastfeeding is of utmost importance to you, there are other incision sites besides the areola that your doctor can insert breast implants through to reduce the likelihood of future complications—such as through the armpit or under the breast crease.

And what about saline or silicone getting into your milk?

Many women also worry that their breast implants may leak and somehow mix with their milk supply. While the chances of this are extremely unlikely, women with saline breast implants shouldn't have a single worry. If your child ingests saline (which is just salt water) they wouldn't be harmed. As for silicone, the good news here is that the newer silicone gel breast implants aren't supposed to leak when ruptured like their older counterparts.

All in all, I hope this helps you make the right decisions for you :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

The title of this one made me chuckle. We have three little kids and the most common cause of tears in our house after each of them was breastfeeding. The thing about breastfeeding, from my perspective, is that it is hard for some people, easy for some and impossible for others.

Regardless, if it's impossible, that impossibility is not likely because of implants. It just happens some times.