Will People Know I Have Breast Implants?

While some women decide to get breast implants on a whim, most of us have been envisioning our new breasts for years before we actually schedule our breast surgery. And let me be the first to say that it's completely normal to have reservations and concerns as you think about getting an augmentation.

Today, let's chat about a very common (and totally legit!) question that many of us have:

How obvious will it be that I have breast implants?

For some reason, when I first considered breast implants, I thought that meant I'd have to walk into church and Thanksgiving dinner looking like Jodie Marsh.

"I'm here, y'all!"

Jodie Marsh
Jodie Marsh

If you're anything like me, you need just a moment to recover from that picture...

And we're back! I hope it will set your mind at ease to know that whether or not people can tell you've had a breast augmentation is completely up to you! There are a lot of decisions you can make, before and after your procedure, that will affect whether or not people know. Let's look at a couple of them...

Breast Implants and Body Type

Your body type is going to have a huge impact on whether or not people are able to tell you have breast implants. For women who are very lean, it will be more obvious that they've had an augmentation versus those who are more curvy. As we all know, boobs are made of fat—so the more fat you have covering the implant, the less noticeable it will be.

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, check out the photos below of Bunnie Barreras, followed by Michelle Lewin.

Michelle Lewin's bodyfat is like negative 2%, so everyone can tell with absolutely certain she's had an augmentation. I'm not saying that's a bad thing at all, it's just something you should be aware of.

Type of Implant

It's generally agreed upon that saline breast implants are more recognizable than their silicone counterparts. Saline implants, by nature, are more firm than silicone gels and they tend to create more roundness and "upper pole fullness."

It's impossible to get a true comparison... but here's a photo of Jen Heward who has saline implants, followed by one of Danielle Vaughn who has silicone implants. As you can see, the difference isn't dramatic, but some would say it's slightly noticeable.

Personally, I preferred having a little bit more augmented of a look, which is one of the factors that led to me choosing saline over silicone.

Implant Size

The size of breast implant you choose is another way that people will be able to tell you've had some work done. A lot of women who've decided to have an augmentation simply want to go from an A-cup to a C-cup, while others desire something more on the Triple-D side of things.

The photos below of Ana Cheri and Jen Mateo will give you a really good idea of what I'm talking about. It isn't their body type or implant type that's making the difference here... it's all about the CC's.

"Playing Up" vs "Playing Down"

Then there's "playing up" versus "playing down." When it comes to breast implants, you can either choose to intentionally show your breasts off (playing them up) or you can conceal them to a degree (playing them down).

A lot of women think that if they get an augmentation, then they are going to be "BAM in your face!" all the time—but that just isn't true. Check out what I mean in these photos of Jessica Green and Galinka Mirgaeva. In the first photos, they are busting out like crazy, but in the second photos they have a much more conservative look.

Like I said earlier, It’s completely normal to wonder if people will think you have breast implants—but as you can see, whether or not they know is almost always something you can control with the decisions you make before you get them or how you choose to dress them up.

Hope this helps :-)