How to Dress Your New Bust After Getting Breast Implants

If something about our body changes, even just a little, it can change our perception of our self.


Girl, you wouldn’t be alone if you wondered whether breast implants could end up making you look a bit… fluffy.

Breast implants won’t actually be adding a whole lot of extra weight to your body. So you won’t actually be that much heavier.

To suddenly have a larger chest can change your perception of your body silhouette though. You’ll more than likely be super happy that your body silhouette looks more balanced!

But, if you’re looking in the mirror and you feel you look heavier it’s more than likely down to how you’re dressing your new bust.

Dressing your (new) chest

You and your surgeon (collaboratively) will select the right size implants to meet your augmentation goals and fit your body shape.

Women who increase their bust size with breast implants come to learn the best ways to flatter their new body silhouette. And trust me, it’s not with flowing shirts and loose-fitting tops! These are the kind of outfits that will ‘tent’ over your larger bust, giving the impression that all of your body is heavier.

Top tip: accentuate your waist

Fitted clothes are awesome for flattering an augmented bust. Especially if you want to showcase your new additions!


Choosing outfits that cinch-in your waist will give you a classic hourglass figure. Even if you want to dress more conservatively (not showing off your new girls), highlighting your waist will ensure your body silhouette is balanced. If you opt for something fitted, if it’s hugging your hips that too will give you a balanced body shape.

It works both ways though. Sometimes (thanks boob greed monster!) we have days where we feel our chest doesn’t look as big as we’d like. Crazy, I know! On days like these, the kind of clothes that might make you look more balanced will be what you could reach for (think: super-tight and V-necked)!

Overall, have fun learning to dress your new girls. You may find some clothes don’t flatter your figure (I totally ditched my favorite flowing tops after I got implants). Check out some of my clothing reviews over on my YouTube channel.

You will, over time, find the clothes that suit your body with a larger bust. It’s a learning curve!