Will Breast Implants Make You Happy?

Will I be happy with breast implants?

If you’re unhappy with your breasts, you may find yourself wondering if breast implants will make you happy.

This question is an important step of your Boobie Journey. And as I say all the time, any decision you make should be a truly informed one.

Will Breast Implants Make You Happy?

The answer to this question is both yes and no!

Will I like my breast implants?

It's a no because your overall happiness shouldn't be bound-up in a part of your body.

Breast implants won’t fix your life, they won’t solve your problems and they definitely don’t save relationships.

If you think a breast augmentation will fix things in your life you're getting breast implants for the wrong reason. It's really important that your decision to get breast implants is for you, and for the right reasons.

Confidence is a journey.

Getting breast implants doesn't mark the end point of a boobie journey. They’re a curve in the road on your journey to body confidence.

And it's also a yes, because getting breast implants can give you a sense of happiness if your intentions are in the right place.

Sometimes it's instant (yay, I finally have boobs) and other times it's a slow-burning relationship of love and appreciation for your new girls (e.g. after overcoming boob greed and learning to appreciate your new body shape).

Without doubt, breast augmentation gives most women better body self esteem.

I've had many many happy moments after my augmentations and have a sustained sense of happiness in my life that I made a decision about my body that I stand proudly by.

Don’t downplay it though girl, getting breast implants is a BIG life decision. They are an investment and the decision to get them shouldn't be taken lightly.

Perhaps you shouldn’t be asking "Will implants make me happy?" but rather "Will I be happy with my implants?".

The answer to this one is a little easier to field... your chances of being happy (and bear in mind the overwhelming majority of women are happy with their results) are GREATLY increased when you make the right decisions for the right reasons. :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

I think this is one of the most important topics in Jenny Eden's series. She is such a strong advocate for thinking through the process and your own reasons for having a breast augmentation, I couldn't agree more. I know that other women in her online community are also a great resource to connect with about their experiences.