Why Breast Implants Look Different On Different People

Girl, this shouldn’t be news to you but... you are unique!

Breast implants breast augmentation

It can be easy to forget this though when you’re on a breast augmentation journey.

You’re caught up in a world of breast implant stats and facts and it can totally leave you wondering why, when your friend (who got breast implants), who is the same weight and height as you and has the same size breast implants as you has a totally different look from her breast augmentation.

Stop. Right. There! Comparison is not your friend girl, she's your foe.

Stop. Right. There! Comparison is not your friend girl, she's your foe.

Stop. Right. There! Breast Implant comparison is not your friend girl, she's your foe. 

There is no win in comparison.

Because you (and your breasts) are unique, the outcome of your breast augmentation will be unique to you too.

Why so different?

There’s an easy answer to this is: it’s YOU!

Your Breast Implant Results are Unique

Breasts following an augmentation can look completely different because of how unique your anatomy is to start with.

Your unique breast anatomy is made up of....

Your existing breast tissue + the width of your chest & breasts.

Your breasts after an augmentation will look different with the same cc’s (breast implant volume) as a fellow boobie sister because you were different before (even if you think you have the same body type as a boobie sister!).

How much breast tissue you’re starting out with is a key factor in deciding which breast implant will work best for you and your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will take measurements of your chest and breasts to select the right size and shape breast implant.

It’s your Board Certified Surgeon’s job to translate your unique breast augmentation goals and tailor you breast implants + surgery to meet your expectations and enhance your existing anatomy.

You ‘ll get an idea of what you’ll look like with breast implants after surgery by choosing a boobie guide with similar body stats to your own but remember... it’ll never be precise. It’s a ‘guide’.

This is why it’s so important not to let your breast augmentation aspirations turn into comparison.

Take the focus off comparison with others and take advantage of the fantastic ways your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can help you visualise your new breasts... in-office sizers and Vectra 3D imaging, for example.

Your existing breast tissue volume and skin quality, not to mention the experiences your breasts have been through (weight gain/loss, breastfeeding etc!), mean your breasts are as unique as your fingerprint!

So, less of the comparison with others and more of the comparison of you with... well, you! Your before boobs with your after *new* boobs. This is how you can ditch comparison and focus on getting you relationship with your new breasts off to a healthy, happy start.