When to Replace Your Breast Implants

Even if you’ve not yet got breast implants you might still wonder: if I get implants, when do I have to get them replaced?


If you are asking this question you are totally on-track to being well-informed about breast augmentation!

Not a lifetime device

When to get breast implants replaced is actually a tricky question to answer. But, it’s a really good thing to be asking what your future with implants will look like.

There can be a simple answer to this question.

If your implants are fine there’s no reason to get them replaced.

However, we do know that implants are usually not lifetime devices. This basically means that, over time, we know breast implants can age. And, like when we age, when a breast implant ages it may run into problems.

With a saline implant the main reason to change it would be if it deflates (which is super obvious!). With a silicone implant a ‘rupture’ is often silent so the FDA recommends a series of MRI scans for women who get silicone gel implants, so their integrity can be monitored.

If you experience a rupture with a silicone gel implant that’s when you’d replace it.

Contrary to what can sometimes be the answer to this question, there is no set number of years between getting implants and when to replace them. Around 10% of implants will need replacing in the first 10 years. That means though that an even higher number won’t need replacing! So, unless you specifically want to, if your breast implants don’t come into any problems you may have them and be happy with them for 10+, even 20+, years!

Genuinely… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!