When to Go Bra Shopping After Your Breast Augmentation

When is the right time to go bra shopping after your breast augmentation surgery?


Out of all the questions I get asked this one is probably asked the most!

The honest answer is: it depends on your surgery and your surgeon’s preferences.

This isn’t a cop-out answer, promise! Let me explain…

The Magic Day

There really is no magic bra-buying-day after your breast augmentation! I mean, don’t get me wrong it does feel totally magical when you properly get into the swing of re-stocking your bra drawer! But what I really mean is, there is no magic ‘good to go’ day. Typically it’s ok to start buying new bras around the 6-week post-op mark.


Genuinely, if you ask the ‘when is it the right time to buy a bra post-op?’ question in our Bustmob community, the responses you will get back will be second, third, fourth hand advice. And… ‘advice’ is the key word here!

The best advice is to ask YOUR surgeon for their advice.

The reason the majority of responses will come back with 6 weeks post-op is because this is pretty much a well-healed point in your recovery and your breast size will have started to stabilize (i.e. swelling will have gone down significantly). However, you’ll still be experiencing settling of the implant, so the position of the implant inside the breast may continue changing. This will impact the shape of the breast (not the size), so the early bras you buy may not fit you in the longer term because of how your breasts may continue to change.

My own advice is this: really enjoy that first bra purchase! BUT… just hold-off on a major splurge until your breasts have fully settled. And, if you want to know when this point is… you guessed it, ask your surgeon!

Happy shopping!