When Can I Wear A Bikini After My Breast Augmentation?!

Patience is a virtue.


Never has this been truer than when you’re on your boobie journey! Seriously, like every step! I say it a lot “have patience” (it’s even one of my boobie mantras!) because it really is the most fundamental bit of advice!

If you’re just not good at waiting it can help to know when you may be able to do certain things after your breast augmentation.

A common ‘when can I?’ question is about bathing suits!

The body confidence that breast augmentation gives women is evident when it comes to slipping on your first post-op bikini.

But, like, when will my breasts be dropped enough to wear a bikini?!


There’s a kinda crazy looking phase for many women after breast augmentation surgery which gets called Frankenboob. It’s where your newly-placed breast implants sit kinda high on your chest and may even be quite square in the top half of the breasts right up under the collarbone. This is totally normal!

Some women don’t get this but a surprising amount do! At the very least you’ll be quite swollen in the chest area after surgery.

Once the Frankenboob and swelling subsiding, the magical blossoming phase starts at around the 6-8 week mark after surgery. That’s when you’ll really start to notice your breast implants settling into place.

THIS is your ideal ‘popping your first new bikini on’ time!


For starters, you’re going to feel way more comfortable (post-op swelling and pain etc having gone away) AND you’ll definitely have closed incisions.

Be cautious with sun exposure though and make sure you lather on the SPF, or cover your scars. You wouldn’t want to risk hyper-pigmenting the skin.

A breast augmentation isn’t cheap so you’re going to want to protect that investment! Try and stay patient and know that when you get to take those first new boobie milestones, like putting on a bikini, it’ll be totally worth the wait.