What Should I Do If My Breast Implants Are Too Small?

If something is too small it can feel like... well, like it doesn't fit right.

Too small

Picking the right size breast implants is a process you undertake with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon based on your existing anatomy and your augmentation goals.

You shouldn't get hung up on the actual size of your implants (the volume - cc's)! Because of our unique anatomy, how a breast implant looks inside the body will vary from woman to woman.

If you're at any stage of a breast augmentation you are not alone in being breast size obsessed!


It's really practical to opt for a conservative sized breast implants (something to suit/fit your body), especially with a first augmentation surgery. Bigger isn't always better!

If you're out the other side of surgery and you're starting to think your breasts look too small… Just hang on a minute!

I get it, a breast augmentation journey is about new and (let's be honest) BIGGER.

How you think your breast implants look is down to how your clothes make them look, the way they look on you, even the way other people look at you.

Be patient!

I realise I sound like a broken record, girl! Patience is actually KEY to your breast augmentation recovery. It's key because you only truly get to see your end result at around 6 months after surgery. So, first up, if you get a 'to small' vibe from your new girls, try and ride it out until this point.

If after 6 months you still think 'they're too small' you do have options.

Implant exchange

If you’re still having negative 'too small' feelings about your new boobs even 6 months out, it’s time to reach out to your plastic surgeon.

Your options will be either: to wait a bit longer (to see if the love for your new girls just needs to grow), or to exchange your breast implants.

An implant exchange involves another surgery. Your plastic surgeon will remove your existing breast implants and replace them with new, different (size, shape etc) implants.

The main reason women choose to have an implant exchange is to go bigger!


A good Board Certified Plastic Surgeon won't let you consider changing (or 'exchanging') your implants for bigger ones until at least 6 months after your surgery... because your muscles and tissues need to completely heal first.

The good news is that an implant exchange surgery can be less invasive than a primary augmentation. Some surgeons even perform implant exchange while you're awake (but slightly sedated!) so it's often less expensive than a first breast augmentation (no anesthesia = less cost).

If you're genuinely unhappy with the size of your implants and have weighed the risks and benefits of a further surgery, exchanging your breast implants is the way to go.