What Men Really Think About Breast Implants

After a nice leisurely internet search on “what men think of breast implants” you might find yourself disappointed as I did of articles, forums, and videos by people who are pretty out of touch with the topic.

One phrase that kept popping up in every location was “fake boobs”.

While that phrase doesn’t offend me at all, it does tend to make me chuckle. Implying that breasts can somehow be imposters or make-believe, truly brings a smile to my face.

Since the women that I know with breast implants (and their significant others) feel that their breasts are wholly a part of them and in no way a hoodwink, I did a little more research and here’s what I found…

This Just In... Men Like Boobs With Or without Breast Implants

Are you shocked by that statement? Me neither. Most men have spent a large portion of their lives glaring, rubbernecking, or stealing glances of some lovely cleavage. Much of that cleavage, no doubt, was built on the back of a great set of breast implants.

As connoisseurs of the sight of breasts, many men (and women) would be surprised to learn that they can’t tell a lovely set of augmented boobs from a full natural pair. Even I'm wrong about it sometimes!

In general, men just love boobs. As comedian Ron white once said:

“Once you’ve seen one set of boobs, you’ll want to see the rest of them”.

They Care About the "Why" Behind Breast Implants

I know if I told my significant other that I was thinking of getting breast implants and he responded by saying "Why would you want to do that?", I would assume that he wasn't fond of the idea.

I may even go so far as to think that he doesn’t like girls with breast implants, but loving partners are going to be truly concerned about your reasoning. They may want to make sure that you aren’t making this choice just for them or that you don't think breast implants will put a bandaid over a deep emotional wound.

While your enhanced figure is bound to be irresistible, don’t be surprised if your s/o wants to know that your motive is healthy.

“I think breast implants will make YOU think I’m sexy” should bring a different reaction than “ I think implants will make ME feel more sexy.” Although a breast augmentation is a choice you and your s/o can make together, it is still a deeply personal choice.

Also, be sure to check out my article about How to Tell Your Husband You Want Breast Implants.

Confidence is Attractive (with or without breast implants)

A recent poll by Glamor magazine asked men if it was a woman’s body or her confidence that grabbed their attention more. 59% of them said that a woman’s poise is the thing that catches their eye first.

Our self esteem is noticed in our posture, stride, articulation, body language, eye contact, and the list goes on and on. But a woman who makes courageous choices for herself and feels proud of those choices, exudes confidence.

So whether those decisions include breast implants or not, any loving significant other will find their partners high self esteem and courage to be sexy!

Thoughts from Dr. Ben Wood

The take home point here is so valuable. Your significant other, more than anything, wants you to be happy. For some women, implants help provide that, for others it may not be the answer. As Jenny Eden mentions, you're the best judge of that and the motivation should be all yours.