I Miss My Pre-Breast Augmentation Boobies

I miss my breasts before breast implants

The overwhelming majority of women are totally satisfied with their new breasts after their breast augmentation. You know, the kind of 'I'm gonna dance' happy!

Some of us take a bit longer to get to that happy boob place, but most of us do eventually get there.

Your relationship with your new boobs may be a slow burner.

I Liked My Boobs Without Breast Implants More

It's perfectly normal to experience some kind of 'buyer's remorse' during your breast augmentation recovery journey. The Boobie Blues (as I like to call them) are a real part of some women's recoveries.

You should allow for a period of adjustment, as everything settles in to place. Almost all women find the light at the end of the Boobie Blues tunnel...

But it’s another thing to genuinely ‘miss’ your old boobs after you are totally healed and breast implants have settled (6 months to 1 year for most of us)

I dont like my breast implants

It’s could be quite easy to feel like your before boobs were better if your ‘after’ boobs don’t live up to expectations.

And that’s where the key lies... expectation.

One of the best pieces of advice any woman who has travelled the breast implant before you can give is: temper your expectations (and that's why it's one of my boobie mantras).

Choose Your Plastic Surgeon Wisely

A great plastic surgeon will be able to give you an honest appraisal of your likely outcome after getting breast implants (although, they’re not fortune tellers, so no one can ever say for sure what breasts will look like with implants).

A great plastic surgeon will also be able to help you keep your breast implant expectations in line with reality, I am always wary of surgeons who say you can have whatever you want.

Your boobie journey is unique, because your anatomy is unique.

That’s where Vectra 3D imaging is coming in to it’s own... giving you a better idea of what your breasts will look like with implants.

So, if you do find yourself thinking about your old boobs and missing them, look at the ‘missing them’ as a form of nostalgia!

"Remember the ol' days of padded bras?" “Look how far we’ve come” (speaking to the girls!). And then you can focus on what the future holds for you and your new boobs!

Thoughts from Dr. Ben Wood

It's great that Jenny Eden points out adjustment period after getting an augmentation, as it's natural for some women. I definitely agree that our Vectra 3D imaging has been such a helpful tool in setting expectations so that you can see how the implants will look on your body, which translates into a very smooth recovery and adjustment period.