Breast Implants and Visiting The Dentist

When you're doing your breast augmentation research you may read some pieces of information and be like...

breast augmentation research

This is what my face did when I read that after a breast augmentation you should take antibiotics before every dental procedure.

Does Going to The Dentist Change After Breast Implants?

Most plastic surgeons will include a course of antibiotics in your post-surgical meds after your breast augmentation (if they weren't already added to your IV during your procedure).

This is to reduce the chances of a post-op infection. It's also to reduce your chance of capsular contracture (too much scar tissue formation around your implants). That's because one of the suspected causes of capsular contracture is bacteria around the breast implant... and antibiotics kill bacteria. Some surgeon's suggest waiting 6 months after your breast augmentation to get even a dental cleaning.

breast implants and the dentist

And THIS is why some plastic surgeons (and dentists) will recommend their patients with breast implants take antibiotics before a dental procedure.

Do Dental Procedures Affect My Breast Implants?

Any invasive procedure (not just dental) has the potential to introduce bacteria in to your blood.

There's evidence that people who've had other types of medical implants (like pacemakers or artificial joints) should take antibiotics before dental work to prevent bacteria from attacking weak spots in the body.

going to the dentist after getting a breast augmentation

But there is no evidence to support routine prescribing of antibiotics after dental procedures for women with breast implants. There's no consensus amongst surgeons, so there's no standard guidelines on this. 


An overly cautious surgeon may suggest an additional course of antibiotics if you need an invasive dental procedure (e.g. root canal work) in the first few week after surgery. 

This is because you're still in the early stages of your body creating (a normal level of) scar tissue around your breast implants so you don't want any bacteria around to disrupt things.

There's no hard scientific evidence.

Beyond your early recovery, there's no evidence that having antibiotics long term after breast augmentation is necessary. However, as we learn more and more about capsular contracture you may just find this topic being discussed more.

Personally, I don’t take antibiotics unless it’s a absolutely critical. But a lot of people take them like candy… you’ve got to decide for yourself.

Like all things in your boobie journey, make sure you ask your surgeon what their post-surgical instructions and recommendations are. :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

This is a topic where there's definitely conflicting advice out there. Jenny Eden is exactly right in saying that there's certainly no consensus, and as we learn more about the no so great effects of antibiotics, it's hard to justify giving them every time you have something like a routine dental procedure.

We provide antibiotics immediately prior to your surgery, but don't routinely recommend them afterward, and feel like that's the safest approach for you considering all factors.