Upsizing Your Breast Implants

I want bigger breast implants

Having already undergone a breast augmentation to make your breasts bigger why would you want to go bigger again?

Whether you opted for a conservative breast augmentation and are ready for something larger, or you've not been able to calm the boob greed monster, most revisions due to size change go in the upwards direction.

Are Bigger Breast Implants Better?

It would be nice if our breasts stayed the same as our bodies changed, but they don't (even with implants)! Even better... wouldn't it be amazing if there was a 'smart' breast implant that changed with you?!

Upsizing your breast implants

Weight loss or gain, pregnancy and even aging over time may make you re-think the suitability of your current breast implants even though they’re perfectly fine in your body.

Boob greed is real.

Even when we love our new breast implants the boob greed monster can strike, and we can find ourselves wishing we'd gone bigger. You can quickly become accustomed to your new bodily proportions and see your new breasts as (*gasp*) SMALL.

Whatever the reasons, if you do decide to upsize your implant you may want to consider a few things before heading back for a breast augmentation revision...

Cost and Recovery of Breast Implant Exchange

In the event that you're not happy with the size of your implants you'll find the cost of a breast implant revision will not be covered by any breast implant warranty or insurance (if you have any). The cost of a revision for anything other than complications will be yours to cover.

How much does a breast implant exchange cost?

You also won't be able to get a revision for a breast implant upsize until at least 6 months (and usually up to a year) after your last breast augmentation. That's because the pockets need to heal and your breast implants settle in to place.

But, second time breast surgery can be an easier journey. The breast implant pockets are already there and many women find their recovery experience is much quicker and smoother.

How Big Should My Breast Implants Be?

Your anatomy is the biggest key player in the whole breast implant decision game.

If you do upsize your breast implants, take your plastic surgeon’s advice on what size breast implant you can change to, and don’t be surprised if the size increase isn’t that big. Your body will still have to stretch to accommodate a bigger breast implant.

Above all, aim for your breast implants to fit your body... to keep you in proportion and to work with your existing anatomy.

Are Big Breast Implants A Problem?

My Breast Implants are too big

The larger the breast implant, the more potential there is for issues.

This is especially true if you started with very little breast tissue first time round. More breast implant than boob will feel (and look) less natural. Sometimes BIG big isn't better.

Make sure you know what going bigger means for you and that you'll be happy with any potential trade off to achieve the size you're aiming for.

What If I Can't Get a Bigger Breast Implant?

All doctors have a duty of care for your health and well being. So if your plastic surgeon says you shouldn’t go bigger, you should listen to them.

I’m always worried about surgeons who let you call all the shots. Breast augmentation should be a collaborative breast surgery, with you and the plastic surgeon reaching decisions together.

We can't always get what we want. And even when we do we're not always happy. For some, unhappiness with their breast implants results in them going bigger. Whatever your boobie journey has in store for you be confident and informed about any decision you make!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Great information from Jenny Eden here, simply changing your implants to a larger volume can be a very straightforward procedure with minimal downtime.

A small percentage of women may not have been able to get implants as large as they would like due to their body and frame, while most others in this scenario may have just loss some breast volume with pregnancies and/or weight loss.