Breast Augmentations: Top 4 Things to Love

Finding out about all the good parts of a breast augmentation can positively lift your spirits!

breast augmentation excitement

I get super excited talking about the positive ways a breast augmentation can make a woman feel... well, more positive.

Here's my round up of the top 4 things I love about breast implants...

1. Breast Implants Give A Sense of Proportion

Whether you're a skinny or curvy girl, one of the most common things women seek to gain one thing from a breast augmentation is proportion.

And whether you've lost it (due to weight loss or pregnancy) or never had it in the first place, gaining a sense of body proportion is such a positive part of getting breast implants.

2. You're Beach Ready After Getting Breast Implants

The overwhelming majority of women with breast implants note a significant increase in their self esteem!

Going to the pool with breast implants

Feeling better about your body overall means that it is no longer your nemesis. I can still remember the first time I slipped on a bikini after my second breast augmentation with Dr. Jeremy Pyle and I can't describe how happy I felt.

For the first time in many years, I was not only able to wear a bikini top, but I enjoyed it!

For most women, the sense of proportion breast implants give will give you a renewed body confidence.

3. Shopping After A Breast Augmentation

If swimwear is no longer your nemesis then shopping is suddenly much more fun!

Shopping after getting a boob job

Once you've waited the required amount of time after your breast augmentation before purchasing your first new bra (roughly 6 weeks) you can start a new, healthier, relationship with shopping.

You'll be looking at your wardrobe through totally different eyes... be prepared for the 'wardrobe casualties' (like busting buttons in your old blouses) and the enjoyment of dressing your new figure.

4. Breast Implants Will Affect Your Sex Life

Glossing over the fact that (for some) this is a very personal subject, if your body has held you back in the bedroom department you may just find that your newfound love for your physique will make your sex life richer.

The sexiest thing a woman has is her confidence.

Will breast implants improve my sex life?

Having the confidence to hold yourself better (your posture), and enjoying what you wear under your clothes ramps up your confidence.


If you’re researching breast implants you’ll soon discover lots of positive information about what this surgery can do for women's sense of self and her overall level of confidence. Whatever you take away from this, know that for most women breast implants help them feel more body positive :)

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

It's great to hear about your experience, Jenny Eden. There are many reasons that breast augmentation routinely has the highest satisfaction rate among all of the procedures that we do, and I know that your story and those from other women in your online community are no exception.