Your Breasts After Removing Your Breast Implants

Breast implants are not lifetime devices.


There’s no set ‘lifespan’ for a breast implant. You could live happily and harmoniously with your implants without complications for many many years. There may come a time though when you want something different.

You may choose to exchange your breast implants (for bigger/smaller/different implants) or, you may choose to remove them and not replace them.

Implant removal

A breast implant removal is called an ‘explant’. Opposite of an implant… makes sense, right?

An explant surgery either involves removal of just the breast implant or removal of the breast implant and the capsule of scar tissue that’s formed around the breast implant inside the breast pocket. The type of explant surgery will depend on the reason you’re removing the implants.

In and out

The decision about whether or not to remove the capsule as well as the implant will be taken in consultation with your Board Certified plastic surgeon to see which option is best for you.

Your Breasts after explantation

Many women worry that, after implant removal, their breasts will look… empty and lifeless.

After an explant you’ll obviously lose the volume in the breast that was there because of the breast implant but that doesn’t mean they’ll look like pancakes. Your breast size will be smaller but the breast shape will be roughly the same as it would have been before your breast implants were placed.


Any fears you have about breast drooping, or wrinkling of the skin, should only be temporary. Your body is going to recover well after your breast implants are removal. Yes, your breasts will look different after removal but things will settle with time and your new breasts will blossom with time too.

Some women choose to opt for further surgical tweaks like a breast lift after implant removal, or even some fat grafting. But those are totally optional and doesn’t have to be a part of your explant journey.

The body is amazing at ‘bouncing back’ after surgery… breast implant removal is no exception. Although there’s no sure fire way to say how your breasts will look after the removal of your breast implants, discuss with your Board Certified plastic surgeon to find out if an explant surgery is right for you.