Jazmin Shares About Going to Thailand for Her Augmentation

I'm very thankful for Jazmin submitting this guest post about going to Thailand for her breast lift and augmentation.

I first decided I wanted new boobs when I was about 19. I had lost 20 kilos (about 45 pounds), and what I had left was not a pretty sight. I did a lot of research and about a month after my 21st birthday, and I ended up spontaneously booking my trip through a medical tourism company based here in Australia with only a months notice!

There is always a lot of criticism about surgeons based in Thailand, but I knew a few people who had been and had an amazing experience.

Plus, I did my research to find the best hospital and surgeon I could.

I received my surgeons recommendation that I also needed a breast lift, as my boobs were very saggy after losing weight. I was so nervous about it all, because getting a breast lift with implants is a much longer procedure and required me to have lollipop incisions!

Breast Surgery Lollipop Lift
Breast Surgery Lollipop Lift

I flew into Thailand alone, and my 6-hour operation was 2 days later. My surgeon suggested 375cc, as he did not want me going any bigger.

My recovery for the first 2 days was painful but bearable.

I was required to spend 2 days after surgery in the hospital, where my surgeon came to visit me both days. I was waited on hand and foot by the very caring Thai nurses.

Now 8-weeks post op, I could not be happier. My scars are healing perfectly, and my boobs have softened up and feel great. There was a group of girls on a medical tour who arrived in Thailand 5 days after me (most of them having just implants), and I noticed they recovered a lot quicker then me.

Most were out shopping on day 2, but I took it easy. I spent a lot of time resting the week after, but really after the 2nd day I had hardly any pain. It was mostly just discomfort.

Overall my experience was perfect and being a person with a past of anxiety issues and so on, there was not one time when I felt uncomfortable or scared. Once I arrived at the hospital it all went extremely quickly for me and it felt right the whole time!

I'm glad I got a breast lift, as the surgeon told me if I didn't my nipples would still sit too low. I understand what he meant as my nipples sit level and centered now! I can finally wear bikinis and feel great about it! :)

Breast Augmentation Before Photo
Breast Augmentation Before Photo
Breast Implants After Photo
Breast Implants After Photo

If you would like to encourage or follow up with Jazmin, you can leave a reply below or connect with her on Instagram: Mybreastaug11. Thank you so much for telling your story, Jazmin!