How to Tell Your Mom About Your Breast Augmentation

Should I tell my mom about my breast implants?

Whatever kind of relationship you have with your mom, you'll probably wonder how to tell her about your decision to get breast implants.

A mother daughter relationship is one of a kind. When it comes to sharing the news of any big life decision (which breast implants is!) it can leave you wondering where to start! After all, even the most open-minded moms can have reservations about plastic surgery.

Your mom grew and nurtured you and, for most of us, plays a big part in our later years as we ourselves grow from girl to woman (including those awkward teenage years!).

Naturally they'll worry about you no matter how old you are and surgery (any kind of surgery) comes with risks which they will want to protect you from.

Even if you have a close relationship with your mom you may still find it difficult to tell her about your decision to get breast implants. But, you have more control than you might realize...

When Should I tell My mom About My Breast Implants?

In terms of 'breaking the news' about your new girls, you get to choose when at least.

keeping breast implants a secret

If you opt to tell your mom about your breast augmentation ahead of the actual day, my one piece of advice is to share your news when you're totally sure breast implants are the right thing for you.

If there's a chance you could be dissuaded by anything your mom says you're probably not 100% there yourself yet.

If you know, no matter how confident you are about your choice, that you're not going to get full backing from your mom then you may choose to break your news after the event (so to speak).

How to talk about Breast Implants with Your mom

Either way (before or after), it's good to start with an ice breaker.

How to talk about Breast Implants with Your mom

When you're talking to your mom try bringing up the topic of breast augmentation... maybe give some real life (or celebrity) example to gauge the reaction and if it looks like it's going well, take the plunge...

"Mom, I never really liked my breasts/wish they bigger/had grown in the first place/were like they were before I had kids."

If you do decide to then say you're getting breast implants, be prepared to accept whatever her response is.

It can be really valuable having mom on board, but you do not need her approval (or anyone else's for that matter!) to get breast implants. Your mom may be your best ally in terms of post-op recovery.

If and when you do feel confident to share you news how to break it is a very personal thing. Whether you choose to keep your breast augmentation a secret, or bring your nearest and dearest in on the plan, do what's right for you :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

You'll always be the best judge of how to handle your own personal situation, but I think that Jenny Eden's advice here is really helpful. It's great to have everyone on board to help with the recovery part, whether that's spending time with you or helping out with kids during that early period after surgery.