Comparison and Breast Implants Don't Mix

Why don’t my breast implants look like I thought they would?

Ladies, let me tell you...comparison is not your friend (especially when it comes to breast implants)!

It's like Snow White accepting that poisoned apple of the witch. No good will come of comparing yourself to others... don’t take the apple!

You Are Unique, And So Is Your Breast Augmentation

It's simple... We're all different, unique whichever way you look at it.

Getting hooked on comparing yourself to others can cause you to get fixated on a certain size, doubt your choices, skew your expectations, and look at your results less positively.

Worst of all... comparing yourself to ladies who have what seem like bigger and/or better breast implants may send the boob greed monster into a crazy dance.

Why you shouldnt compare your breast implants to other womens

We've all signed up to a social media life and it's one of the most supportive parts of your breast implant journey but if you feel the boob greed monster looming it's best to step away from the computer and put your phone down... just until the coast is clear.

On a side note, disappointment after a breast augmentation is drastically reduced if you communicate well with your plastic surgeon what you goals are and you can keep your expectations in check.

Proportion with Breast Implants

So, you might actually want a super large look, and if you do you'll know already it's a slightly longer journey to go from 0-60 in the big breast implant department.

It's also important to be sure any Boobie Guide you consider has roughly your same proportions, otherwise you're going down the wrong road.

Your proportions are... guess what... different! Everyone's are.

If it all becomes too much and you can't help sizing yourself up against others, think about it like this...

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It's a bit like those crazy mirrors at the fair... what you see in front of you in the mirror isn't really what you look like.

If you could step back from your view of yourself for 5 minutes I can pretty much guarantee you'd be more complimentary about your proportions than you are staring at yourself in the mirror.

I feel like I'm reciting the boobie mantras here (and if you haven't already check our Part 1 and Part 2)!

So the message here is short and sweet... don't base what you do on others, and most importantly after breast surgery you can totally keep the boob greed in check by not comparing yourself to fellow Boobie Sisters.

It is a sisterhood, this breast augmentation journey, for sure... we have so much in common, but also so much separates us on our own individual journey.

So less of the comparison with others and more of the comparison of you with... you :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Without a doubt this is a common temptation, but Jenny Eden provides great advice here.

Using things like Vectra 3D imaging in combination with Jenny Eden's Guides, we can pick the implants that will get you to your own goals, since each women is unique and the most important part is doing what will make you happiest long term.