The Breast Implant Revision Decision

What if I dont like my breast implants?

What happens if you're unhappy with the outcome of your breast augmentation and find yourself asking the question “Should I get a revision?”?

There are lots of reasons why women get breast implant revisions. The most obvious one being to correct a breast implant complication.

But what if you don't like your new breast implants... the size, shape, position.... something which would not be considered a complication?

You may have gotten off to what I call a "false start" with your new girls, but don't worry- you can get back on track!

You Might Not Love Your Breast Implants At First

You don't go from old boobs to new *amazing* boobs in the blink of an eye. Your new breasts will take time to evolve after your breast augmentation.

So, if you're in the early stages of recovery and you're already thinking of getting a revision... just hang on.

We don’t rush in to the decision to get breast implants and likewise, the decision to get a revision (for anything other than complications) isn’t something you should do in haste.

Be Patient When Considering a Breast Implant Revision

If it’s really early after your breast augmentation when you’re asking yourself this question then I’m going to steer you to one of my favorite boobie mantras: Be patient.

Yep, I know it’s tough girl but the road to your end results is probably longer than you think.

If your breast implants haven't fully settled yet then you really shouldn’t judge your today boobs if they’re causing you any unhappiness.

What if I don’t like the size of my Breast Implants?

Deciding you don't like the size of your breast implants (too small... or too big) can be a tough hurdle to get over in the journey to loving your new breasts.

What if I dont like my breast implants?

What if I dont like my breast implants?

If you're struggling with the boob greed monster and wishing your new boobs were bigger, believe it or not the trend is actually for the more discreet breast augmentation.

If you are wishing you'd gone bigger than your plastic surgeon suggested you should remember that sometimes when you go bigger you're actually trading one thing for another.

The size of your breast implant is a big factor in the final feel of your breasts after surgery.

A move to a bigger breast implant may actually leave you with other issues you're unhappy with, like rippling, having a 'stuck-on' look, feeling more implant than breast tissue etc etc.

Is what you had now better than before? The boob greed monster is real and it can strike you at any point in your breast augmentation journey.

Size ain’t everything and as your breasts take on their final form... softness and shape... you will be better able to judge how you feel about your end result.

What do I do if I don’t like my breast implants?

What if I dont like my breast implants?

Deciding if you should get a breast augmentation revision is not a decision you should be making alone. Always talk through any concerns you have with your plastic surgeon.

If you can't shake the feeling of unhappiness the best advice I can give you is to pick up the phone!

After care doesn’t end when you’re healed... the relationship you have with your plastic surgeon should be for the whole time you have breast implants.

If you have any concerns, at any point, you should be able to touch base and know they’ll be there to reassure you (or see if you if you want to discuss your options).

Communication through your entire breast augmentation journey is key.

Most plastic surgeons will make you wait 6 months to a year to revise because the pocket needs to heal and the breasts are still are settling.

Waiting (and patience) is a good thing... you never know, giving yourself the time to get used to your breasts may change your feelings. If not, at least you'll be at a point to make a better decision if a revision is best.

If you’re feeling down about your new breasts know that you are not alone. When you learn to love your new breasts it’s such a lovely thing... do what you have to do to get yourself there.

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

It does take some time for your breasts to reach their long-term appearance, so patience is key. But if it's been at least 6 months and there are still aspects that you would like to change, it can be done. If it's simply a size issue (going larger or smaller) that can be a very straighforward procedure with minimal downtime, and if there are other changes that you'd like, it may be with a more involved procedure, but it's still possible.