Do Breast Implants Really Need To Be Replaced Every 10 Years?

The FDA has been credited with starting a weird rumor a few years back that breast implants need to be changed every 10 years to prevent rupturing. It definitely couldn't hurt to have your breast implants examined by a plastic surgeon at the 10-year mark, but having your augmentation redone is probably over the top and unnecessary.

Hopefully it's not news for you that the older an breast implants gets, the more likely it is to rupture.

(Just think about all the abuse they often take!)

Fortunately, most breast implant manufacturers offer a warranty that lasts somewhere between 6-10 years, granting financial assistance if an implant ruptures within this time. If I remember correctly, I was even given the option to purchase an extended warranty for the breast implants themselves.

Why The Stats Are Skewed

A lot of statistics show that as many as 60 out of 100 of women are having follow-up breast surgery within the first 5 years of having their first augmentation. But here's the thing...

It's not because of complications.

Statistically, using numbers from multiple Mentor and Allergan studies, only 7 of those 100 women had a follow-up breast surgery because of a capsular contracture and 5 because of implant deflation/rupture or other complication.

The remaining 82% of women had follow-up breast surgery to increase or decrease their cup size—in the vast majority of cases, to increase. This is why it's so important that you find your Boobie Guide when you're considering a breast augmentation!

But Just How Durable Are Breast Implants?

Breast implants go through a lot! Think about how much they endure just in your everyday activities, including exercise, sex, and stomach sleeping. It's amazing how durable they are.

In fact, a few years back my friend’s mom tripped over a doggy gate in her house and flew boobs first onto the hard tile. “My boob!” is the first thing she called out. Her breast implants were much older than 10 years and so she was concerned she had damaged one. Immediately she made an appointment with her plastic surgeon, who found nothing wrong with her breasts at all. He even gave her the okay to continue her life with her same breast implants.

One more fun fact... of all the women in the U.S. with breast implants...

75% of them have had their same set of breast implants for more than 10 years (!!)