Details on Breast Augmentation Revision Recovery

is breast implant revision easier?

When you first get breast implants, the idea of a future revision surgery probably isn't something you spend too much time thinking about.

But where your breast implants are concerned no one has a crystal ball. If you end up switching out for different breast implants, or have a complication to address you'll probably be wondering what your recovery will be like.

I often hear the phrase...

It's easier the second time round.

...but that's pretty much a sweeping statement! The answer to what your recovery from a breast implant revision will be like depends entirely on what needs to be done.

Are Breast Implant Revisions Easier?

If you are not happy with the look or feel of your breasts after a breast augmentation (and have waited the appropriate amount of time) you may opt to have a breast augmentation revision.

On the easier end of the street are revisions to change the size (bigger or smaller), type, shape or texture of breast implant.

I want to change my breast implants

These are the relatively simple breast implant revisions that are generally associated with minimal discomfort and recovery time compared to first-time breast augmentation.

That's because the breast implant pocket has already been created. So, a breast implant exchange will involve opening your old incisions, removing the breast implants, replacing with new implants and closing the wound.

You could be surprised at how good you feel after a breast implant revision. Expect to be feeling pretty good after a couple days (allowing for the anesthesia and any pain meds to wear off).

However, if you choose to go MUCH larger, or change the placement of your breast implants from over the muscle to under, you should expect a bit more discomfort than your first breast surgery.

What If I Have a Breast Augmentation Complication?

With a more complicated revision surgery you can expect your recovery to be less smooth sailing.

recovery from a breast augmentation complication

If, for example, you have any issues with your current breast implants your recovery is likely to be a different story.

The more involved the breast augmentation, the more likely you are to experience greater post-surgical pains and discomfort, and to expect a longer recovery.

Repeat surgery to correct breast augmentation complications can end up being pretty costly as well. Any complications that occur early post-surgically (e.g. infection, bleeding) that need more surgery will need correcting immediately (but these should be covered by your plastic surgeon's insurance).

If you're returning to your last surgeon for less immediate breast augmentation complications you may be able to strike a deal, or depending on why you're revising, your plastic surgeon may offer to correct or revise their work free of charge. Make sure to add that to your list of questions to ask during your consultation.

Remember, your breast implants may also be covered under a warranty (e.g. in the case of rupture) and some of the surgical fees may be covered under this policy. If you haven't already, dig out your implant warranty information and check it over. Be informed girl!

Is a Revision the same as a Breast Augmentation?

Remember the recovery the first time round? Bloating, morning boob, zingers, trouble getting comfy sleeping...

breast implants and breast augmentation recovery

Well, they may just feature again in any subsequent surgery. It is, after all, another surgery. So, trauma to your body... which will require time to recover.

Make sure you keep up with any follow-ups and follow your plastic surgeon's post surgical instructions to make your recovery the best it can be. And don't forget the online BA community... we're always here to lend a supportive ear and voice.

Recovery from a breast augmentation revision could be the same, easier or (depending on your breast surgery, and any possible complications) more difficult than your first surgery. Just be prepared for any eventuality and, like with your first surgery, be fully informed :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

If the revision surgery is as straightforward as exchanging your current implants for smaller or larger volume implants, there is very minimal downtime. If there is something more involved that needs to be done, such as adjusting the position or placement of your implants, there may be more of a recovery, but most women still say that it's an easier process than the initial augmentation.