Real vs. Fake: An Extremely Deceiving Video of Breast Implants in Slow Motion

Hi ladies! For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know that the last thing I ever do is pick fights (and there are plenty of fights to pick in the world of plastic surgery and breast augmentation!)

But after seeing the YouTube video below, the Momma Bear inside of me had to respond.

After the first one ended up all over the internet, I figured I would answer the questions left on whether they were real or not, with the only way I knew how. A demonstration. :) **For any licensing requests please contact**

First, I want to say out loud that I don't have anything against the creator of the video, it's just the bad information that I'm against. I'm sure Jessi is a wonderful woman and that she wasn't in any way knocking women with breast implants. Nevertheless, as a advocate for women who are just exploring or already enjoying breast implants, I need to make sure everyone knows something:

This video is unbelievably deceiving, for a lot of different reasons.

Please understand that there are A LOT of variables that influence how a woman's breasts are going to look, feel, move around, and bounce after getting breast implants. That's why there's nothing fair about how this comparison is presented. Let's look at some specifics...

Difference in Breast Tissue

The biggest reason this comparison is so deceptive is because of the massive difference of breast tissue between these women. It's really important to note that women who get implants starting with at least a B-cup will almost always have more fluidity to their breasts than a woman who starts around an A-cup. So the woman with breast implants either started with very little breast tissue, or she hasn't fully dropped and fluffed yet. I say that because her implants are still sitting just a little high on her chest, so they are likely still in the process of softening up.

There's also the issue of variable of breast tissue density. All of our breasts have different amounts of natural density, and I've seen women with breast implants have WAY more fluidity than other women with natural boobs.

When the woman with natural boobs is jumping up and down, you can tell she has a very low density because the ripples in her breasts are so deep and her breast even craters at the bottom of her jump. As you can see below, her boobs go from very full on top to very flat, which is a definite sign of low tissue density.

Natural Boobs While Jumping Up and Down

Natural Boobs While Jumping Up and Down

Types of Movements

For some reason, the woman with augmented breasts isn't doing the same side-to-side movement as the woman with natural breasts. The jumping up and down is definitely the same, the woman with natural boobs has way more energy behind her side-to-side movement.

Even so, I much prefer the look of the augmented breasts to the natural breasts in this video. The augmented breasts still have some nice movement while bouncing up and down, without looking like a waterbed in the middle of a hurricane.

Different Bra Styles

This one was a big miss. The woman with natural boobs is in a plunge bra, and the woman with augmented boobs is in a balconette. If we're going to show a true comparison to how breast implants compare to natural breasts, let's at least start with the same type of bra. Weird decision to have such different support.

Mismatched Breast Sizes

I really wish this video compared women who had breasts that were closer to the same size. The woman with natural breasts was bigger, and of course bigger boobs will tend to have more bounce.

Difference In Age

Obviously there's no way for me to know how old these ladies are, but the woman with augmented breasts looks to be at least 5 years younger than the woman with natural breasts. We all know time has a way of catching up with us and making things loose that used to be tight :-)

I hope this response doesn't come off as offensive or rude. It takes a lot of courage to jump up and down in your bra for the world to see, so I'm definitely not against the woman who made the video. I'm just against the misleading implications of it. I also recorded a video response, which you can see below:

This is a response to "Real vs. Fake: iPhone 6 Plus, 240 FPS, Bouncing Boobs take 2!" seen here: I definitely don't have anything against Jessi June, as I'm sure she's a wonderful woman and wasn't in any way knocking women with breast implants-it's just the bad information in her video that I'm against.

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

We have a practice goal: To drastically change the way the world views plastic surgery by 2030. The root of our goals is nonsense like this video.

I have heard Jenny say that she wants, when her daughter is 18, for her to be able to know that if she has a physical hangup that makes her uncomfortable, that significantly decreases the quality of her lift, she should be able to talk about it.

And she should be able to know that it doesn't mean she will be subtly embarassed by a slow motion video. I'm thankful that Jenny and her mission are an important part of this goal.