Felicia's Story: Overcoming the Fear of Getting Breast Implants

A Note from Eden: This is a guest post from my beautiful friend Felicia. She is going to be joining us again after her augmentation to let us know how everything went, so please join me in sending some prayers and positives vibes her way!!

Being a competitive dancer when I was young, I was exposed to beauty, make up, and body image worries very early. On top of that, I always had a very slim figure with no curves due to how hard I pushed my body athletically. As I got older I left competing behind and finally started to blossom. I have a much curvier build now. I look like a woman! I even have a nice bum :-)

I just never really blossomed in the chest area.

Don’t get me wrong... I am truly happy with what nature dealt me, but recently I have found I am finally in a financial position to think about getting the breast augmentation I have long dreamed of.

But thinking about surgery is scary!

Who wants to willingly puts themselves in the line of danger and complications? I’m anxiety prone, and always think the worst. I mean I totally looked up those one in a million articles where someone had some crazy complication and sat up and night thinking “this will be me?”

It wasn’t until a night this past February I was drinking wine with some girlfriends when one of them blurted out she was going in for her breast augmentation in a few weeks. I was shocked! This girl is that friend we all have that’s basically perfect. She’s tiny, cute, kind, and was also a happy newlywed. I was so happy for her, but extremely jealous all at the same time.

We talked for hours about everything leading up to her decision and the decision itself. I was fascinated. It was right then and there I promised myself I’d start saving money and make my dreams a reality.

Unfortunately, saving money didn’t really pan out for me. I am much more of the person who makes all her payments on time. I am a shopper, so if I have money I want to spend it! I have never made a late payment in my life, bills come first, but I will treat myself a little too much after they’re paid.

I ended up just scheduling a consultation to see if I even wanted to go through with surgery before I stressed about how to pay for it. I went to a well-known doctor in the area; three of my friends have been to him in the past 3-4 years. I did a TON of research and harassed my augmented friends to be fully prepared for the questions I needed to ask while I had my surgeon’s ear.

From the moment I walked in I felt at ease.

My appointment was on time, my doctor was friendly and didn’t rush me at all, and the accounting department was very helpful. I had never felt more confident in my decision.

I did some research on the credit line their office works with and decided I’d prefer to go with my own bank, even though the interest rates would be higher. I saw some mixed reviews on the credit company. So I headed to my bank to talk money. I was able to get a credit increase on my card, and talked them into lowering my interest rate due to always paying on time, and the promise I would be putting a lot of money onto the card immediately. I had no cash to put down, I just used my credit card to make my deposit, and now I have a surgery date set for December 22nd, 2014!

This isn’t the best road for everyone, but I know I can afford my payments and feel totally confident in my decision! I am nervous but way more excited to finally have my dream body :-)