Brooke's Story: Overcoming the Guilt and Fear of Getting Breast Implants

Jenny Eden: I am so proud of Brooke for sharing her story about going from guilty and fearful about getting breast implants, to empowered and excited! Enjoy!

The decision to get breast implants definitely didn’t come easy for me, nor was it a quick decision. I am 40 years old, and I had my third baby just last June.

I have disliked my body for years—but after breast feeding my beautiful little girl, it left me with what can only be described as sad, little, deflated balloons. Having gone up to size D cup three times and then deflated down to A’s left me hating my body to the point of not wanting to be undressed in front of my husband.

And I wasn’t about to give up my favorite thing!

And then there is the work side of me... I am a Vice President of Marketing, so the thought of getting big breasts and being judged in more of a sexual manner, instead of perhaps just by my brains, by my male peers worried me.

How would I be seen once I no longer looked just like them in a button up shirt. But, after really sitting down with myself, I decided that I didn’t care what they would think or say and that I needed to do something just for me for once.

Obviously my sense of self is not tied up my boobs. However, there is a confidence gained by feeling good about how you look and that confidence transfers to all aspects of your life—from the bedroom to the boardroom—and that was critical to me to be happy.

Once I decided to get it done, I decided that I wanted nice, big boobs!

I am 5’8”, 145lbs. I was a 34B before my breast augmentation surgery, and I’m now a 34F after getting 500cc silicone Mentor Memory Gel moderate profile breast implants, placed under the muscle. :-)

If I was to give women any advice, it would be to go 100cc’s bigger than you think you want. Boobie Greed is a very real thing, and even today I wish I had gotten 600cc’s. My plastic surgeon tried the 600cc’s during surgery, but he said they looked like footballs stuck to the front of me—so I’m glad he didn’t do it—but some days I wonder how they would have looked.

The Best Parts About Having Breast Implants

To list all my favorite things about having breast implants, I'd have to include: Confidence. And clothes. And bras. And sex. and cleavage. And well…everything!

I feel so much better about how I look and that really is a game changer in my life and has helped me tremendously.

I love having side boob. I have never had side boob. It’s kind of annoying when it comes to shaving my armpits, but I’m happy to live with that once I put on a tank top and see that amazing bubble on the side.

I also really love how I look in clothes. I’m tall, with a small waist and big butt, so having nothing on top made me look out of proportion, but now I’m a perfect curvy figure and I just adore wearing clothes and showing off all of my curves.

Shout Out to Eden!

I really loved Eden's Daily Email Series, so be sure to sign up! Some days I felt like she was actually on the journey with me and knew exactly what I was struggling with. Bustmob is great, although I have to be careful looking at it when my boys are around or at work ☺.

I also really liked Eden's Recovery Kit. The Boobie Butter and Scar Salve are my favorite. I’m two months post op and still using it every day!

A Word to the Mothers Out There

I think the biggest challenge for a mother is being “selfish” with your money and doing something just for yourself. I think that a lot of women really struggle with even just spending the money to get their nails done or go to the salon, so the thought of spending thousands of dollars to make your boobs bigger seems absurd!

But, is it?

What is the cost of having low self-esteem? What is the cost of depression, of losing your sense of self, or even losing your marriage due to your unwillingness to get close to your husband because of how you feel about your body? I think a few thousand dollars is a small price to pay for such extremely levels of confidence. :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Thanks for sharing your story Brooke. These are very common feelings among most women considering having a breast augmentation, so I know that hearing from you and other women in Jenny Eden's community is really helpful to them.