So What About Nipple Piercings with Breast Implants?

About once a month, I'll get questions about nipple piercings, and I always hate that I can't provide great answers.

Well that changes today!

When I found out that my friend Stormie had pierced nipples with breast implants, I begged her to let me interview her. She finally conceded, and the interview below is the end result! :-)

Jenny Eden: I've thought about getting my nipples pierced before, but I've never had the courage to do it. What's the story behind you wanting to pierce your nipples? Was it super painful?

Stormie: I never thought I would ever get my nipples pierced—not in a million years—but here I sit with a recent breast augmentation and nipple piercings.

I've always enjoyed having slightly sensitive nipples, and sadly after I had my son, all feeling went away.

It was a tragedy!!!!

For a year, I hated my nipples for the way they now looked and the way I couldn't feel them at all. Then one night I had a cousin telling me about how after three kids she had the same problem. Someone had recently told her if she got them pierced, the feeling could come back.

She got hers done and bam! Nipple sensitivity was back. So I thought about it for about 6 months and finally decided I'd give it a try. Not even one week after I got them I had feeling back, and I was so happy!!!!

As for the pain, it wasn't bad—although I've always thought I have a high pain tolerance. It hurt, don't get me wrong, but it was over quick! The second one hurt worse of course, because I knew what to expect. :-)

Jenny Eden: So I know you had your nipples pierced before getting your breast implants... What was the process of getting breast implants with pierced nipples like?

Stormie: Well, for starters, I knew from the beginning that I didn't want to loose my piercings. After not ever imagining I would get them done, I fell in love with the cute tiny metal ball on each side of my nipples :-)

It's like my nipples have dimples :-)

So from my first breast augmentation consultation it was a concern. I had heard so many people say they had to take them out and redo them later, and I really didn't want that.

After I explained how much I loved and wanted to keep them, my doctor agreed. However, I couldn't keep them in during surgery because the equipment being used would cause my barbells to heat up and burn my nipples (ouch!)

We agreed that I would take them out right before surgery and he would have a nurse re-insert them when the operation was over. So for me, keeping them went great!

Jenny Eden: This all sounds great... but it can't all be sunshine and rainbows. Have there been any downsides to have pierced nipples with breast implants?

Stormie: There hasn't been very many downsides! Let me think of a couple...

Since my boobs are not behind so much padding, you can see my barbells pretty easily in some shirts. So that means I have to use padding to cover them up if I don't want people to see them. Sometimes I use the old padding from swim suits :-)

Also, I had had them pierced for a year at the time of breast augmentation surgery. But since nipples can take up to (and sometimes over) a year to fully heal, after I had my breast augmentation I was having to soak them in sea salt water again. They would get crusty and a bit sore like they did when I first got them. But after a couple weeks I was good to go!

Jenny Eden: So I've heard that your nipples are hard 24/7 when you have them pierced? True or not true?

Stormie: It is not true. Yes for some time after getting them done they are hard but after they heal they start softening :-)

Jenny Eden: Stormie, thank you so much for joining us today! Do you have any last words of advice to women who have breast implants considering a nipple piercing?

Stormie: Waiting until your doctor gives you the go ahead would be key! You do not want to accidentally start a nipple infection when your body is already trying to recover from breast surgery. That could end up horribly.

Also, if you already have them pierced before surgery, make sure you take care of them post-op! They may have been healed awhile and you suddenly realize they are acting as if they are brand new. Make sure to sea salt soak them as often as you did when you first got them and keep them clean!

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

I have to admit that I learned more about the process and motivation here than I expected. Thanks for writing this. My doctorly advice on the matter would be just this: There's nothing about pierced nipples that changes my surgical planning as long as we can take them out during surgery. Once the track is healed, it's just skin.