Breast Implants and a Positive Body Relationship

Breast Implants and a Positive Body Relationship

Who doesn’t start the year with a New Year’s Resolution? Be better with money, get in shape... how about a better relationship with your body?

This is exactly what my New Year’s intention was before my first breast augmentation. (I think intention sounds more positive than a resolution – since we all know how easy they are to break!)

I actually liked the ‘old me’, I just decided it was time for a bit more body confidence... better boobs via breast implants being part of this journey.

If you're finding yourself at the start of a New Year with a better body intention you too might be considering (or counting down to) a breast augmentation. And you won't be alone!

Will Breast Implants Improve my Confidence?

Having a renewed sense of confidence through a better body intention is a feeling really close to my heart.

Having been part of the Boobie community for years I often see women feeling dissatisfied with their bodies. BUT I also get to see them realize their boobie and body goals too!

Breast implants help so many women address their lack of love for their breasts. And this is SUCH a positive thing.

As you get ready to wave goodbye to your 'before boobs' I want you to realize one thing:

Airbrushing is a real thing... the bodies in the media are NOT.

We probably all have a boobie (or body) goal and that's a good thing when you set about making a positive body change (especially to help communicate your goals to your plastic surgeon). Just keep your sense of self and know we aren't all destined to be super models!

Breast implants and breast augmentation models

There is no such thing as a 'perfect' body!

Do you know how many supermodels there are? I Googled this BTW... there are only 20! And there are over 3 billion women in the world. That’s not even a percentage I can quote!

After Breast Implants

What makes your breast augmentation journey quite unique is this: you come to recognize your self-esteem, and for most women breast implants are a big boost to their body self-esteem.

Admire someone else's beauty without questioning your own.

You should be the only one who decides how attractive you are! You, and only you.

Every year should be a 'you' year but maybe this year is the year you start. Find a way to be you, but better... to love yourself. Happy Boobie Journey :)

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

Some women may find that a renewed sense of confidence that comes with feeling more comfortable about your body leads to other positive effects such as this. The most important thing is that you choose to have an augmentation to meet your own personal goals and do it at a time in your life that works best for you.