Interview with Dr. Steven Camp from Fort Worth, TX

Today I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Steven Camp of Camp Plastic Surgery in Fort Worth, TX! From the second we connected, it was evident that he was a kind and compassionate doctor with a quirky sense of humor. I can’t for you to get to meet him!

Dr. Steven Camp - Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Steven Camp - Plastic Surgeon

It always interests me why people choose the profession they are in. When I asked Dr. Camp what made him choose plastic surgery as his niche, without hesitation he responded that he always knew he liked surgery. He was drawn to the OR.

He loved seeing patients before and after surgery, specifically when it came to plastic surgery. When he worked with cancer patients who have had mastectomy’s, he could tell there was a sadness after their surgeries and felt that their care was incomplete.

He wanted to help people be put back together, rather than to take them apart.

When you come into Dr. Camp's office, you can expect an attention to complete medical well-being. During your consultation, he will focus on you and your situation as a whole. I love that Dr. Camp realizes how important it is to ensure we are healthy enough to have surgery, and that he makes it a point to get to know who we are as women.

As we spoke about breast implants, Dr. Camp said something that I really appreciated:

“It’s a common surgery that I want to do uncommonly well.”

He said he wants your breasts to be like your favorite pair of jeans, because you’re going to wear them every day. :-)

I also couldn’t help but ask about the bow tie... When he started his training, it was required of him to dress professionally during his residency—which meant wearing a suit and a long tie. He noticed that the long ties could be a bit deterring since it would dangle and get close to open wounds, so he reached for the bow tie and never went back.


Personally, I think bow ties are classy! It has since become a part of his personal brand, and Dr. Camp is often referred to as the “bowtie guy.” He even lets his little girl pick out his bow tie while his son picks out wacky, colorful socks for him to wear to work. He said it’s like he takes his family to work with him every day :-)

Finally, I loved how Dr. Camp puts himself in the place of his patients. He realizes that it takes a lot of courage for you to come in for a consultation and be honest about something that may not be easy for you to talk about. He know that before you ever enter his office, you've had a long internal conversation about your dissatisfaction with your breasts, and he understands how they affect our quality of life.

Undoubtably, Dr. Camp has a great heart and understanding for how we feel throughout our breast augmentation experience, and he makes it a priority to make us feel well taken care of. :-)

If you live in the Fort Worth/Weatherford area, I would highly recommend Dr. Camp! He has a heart for serving, takes great care of you from beginning to end, and wants you to have a wonderful experience.