Maëva Encourages Us Not To Hesitate!

This is a guest post from my friend Maëva!

Before I start… some of my sentences may have mistakes because I'm French.

Hello there! I wanted to share my experience with you, because we all need a lot of informations before doing a breast job. My name is Maëva, 19 years old from France. I think I knew my entire life of teenager that I wanted my boobs to be bigger than they were.

I never loved them, and never felt like a woman.

So when the opportunity to do the breast surgery had come I was so excited and everything went super fast!

I went in Belgium to do mine. My doctor is really great, and I love what he did for me. We discussed the size I should pick, and I choose 300cc under the muscle because I had basically no breast tissue (so it's better under the muscle). I won't feel the breast implants that way when I touch my boobs.

The next day I had my boobs! Yay! I went home in a lot of pain.

Seriously, I wouldn't imagine that it would hurt that much.

The first two days were the worst, then on the 4th day it went better! But the boobs are worth the pain, I assure you. Before the breast surgery, I took Vitamin C and Arnica Montana to avoid getting bruises.

For the operation, I told my mom first, and she was very supportive. Only her opinion mattered. I didn't care about what others would say. Seriously girls, don't think about that. You do it for YOU and nobody else. You will feel better in your body and in your head.

All I can say is don't hesitate because you're afraid of what people may think or because of the pain. Of course it will hurt (maybe not for some), but it's an incredible experience. All I can think about is me being on the beach with my bikini full of boooobs haha.

Good luck girls!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Agree Maeva! Most commonly I hear, "Why did I wait so long!"