Breast Augmentations and Long Term Pain

How long will I be in pain after getting breast implants?

In the first few weeks (and sometimes months) after getting your breast implants it's totally normal to experience some pain and discomfort.

You should be prepared for a potential tide of pain/healing/pain/healing. But as time goes by, any pain and feelings of discomfort should get less and less.

Beyond the first few weeks and months of healing from a breast augmentation some women continue to experience occasional pain and/or discomfort as their bodies get used to the breast implants. Muscle, skin and tissues stretch to accommodate the implants and nerves continue wake up (which can cause sharp pains!).

I've heard of some women experiencing post-op discomfort beyond the first few months of healing, but you really shouldn't have any pain that lasts longer than a few months after getting breast implants.

How much does a breast augmentation hurt?

The process your body goes through to recover from a breast augmentation, and get used to your breast implants, can at times be painful. We all experience pain differently so be sure to follow your plastic surgeon's post-op instructions and stay on top of your pain management.

How to manage pain after getting breast implants

What can come as a surprise is discomfort after you've done something for the first time (e.g. your first swim after a breast augmentation can leave your chest muscles a bit sore) after surgery, or doing something new and have an awareness of your breast implants.

It's Hard To Be A Woman (with or without breast implants)

Tammy Wynette was on point with her song!

Breast pain is normal for women.

Female hormones can cause changes in breast tissue and can give some of us pain or discomfort from time to time. So any breast pain or discomfort you experience after the first few months may not be from your breast implants, but just our old friend Aunt Flo.

Abnormal Pain After a Breast Augmentation

That's not to say you should ignore any new (or worsening) breast pain after your early breast augmentation recovery phase.

Is it normal to still be in pain after getting breast implants?

Little annoyances can resolve by themselves, but generally no good comes of ignoring aches and pains after getting breast implants. You don't want any surprises!

Anything that's not normal for you should prompt you to follow up with your plastic surgeon. It's always a good idea to check whether what you are experiencing is normal and to give you peace of mind.

Long Term Pain After a Breast Augmentation

If you are experiencing pain years after having a breast augmentation you should definitely consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon to assess the possible causes and review your options.

Getting breast implants is a big life decision, it's one you make after lots of research and thought about how the change will benefit you. It's also one you make after weighing-up any possible negative outcomes and how you'd deal with them.

Having a long and happy relationship with your breasts after implants is the norm for most women. Being 'breast aware' makes you able to spot what's normal for you and know when to seek advice from your plastic surgeon :)

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

There are a variety of reasons that a women may choose to have her implants removed. If you have smooth implants and no other complicating factors (like capsular contracture), it can be a very quick procedure potentially even done under local anesthesia, to remove the implants. Your breast tissue will return to some degree to its appearance prior to having implants.