Lauren's Story: Getting Implants After Her Weight Loss Journey

Jenny Eden: I'm so thankful to have Lauren sharing a little bit of her breast augmentation story with us today. I'm so inspired by her efforts to get into shape and the courage to go out and get what was important to her :-)

Growing up I always had a smaller chest, even when I wasn't so small myself. I battled a lot with my weight during my childhood and later again in college, and though I have a broad frame and a tall 5'9" stature, I never had breasts to go with it (the largest I got was a full B).

I ended up getting into bodybuilding and fitness, and nutrition became very important parts of my life. After losing 50 pounds over the course of a year, my breasts became even smaller (size AA), deflated, saggy and covered in stretch marks.

I loved that I had gotten leaner and had put on muscle but I still felt like my chest did not suit my body.

The only challenge I had was getting my breast augmentation surgery date set, as I also suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and needed to go to multiple doctors get multiple blood work tests in order to me to be cleared for breast surgery. It was a step I'm glad was taken, but it was frustrating to have to wait and wait. It was worth it, though!

My favorite thing about having breast implants is seeing how my clothes fit and look differently.

I feel I look more proportional... like these should have been my breast all along, and that was my goal. I went with 425cc shaped Sientra highly cohesive silicone breast implants, high profile, under the muscle. I believe my bra size now will be a small D.

During this journey, I absolutely loved Eden's articles, because I felt secure and informed in my decision to get breast implants. I also got her boobie Recovery Kit, which I love! I especially love the Scar Salve because I tend to scar badly, and have a high risk of developing keloids. So far I'm seeing good results with my scar progression!