After Breast Implants: Your Bra Sister Size

Ah, the bra... Most of us wear them, and after a breast augmentation your bra is going to be one of your most important wardrobe items. They're a must to protect your investment against the unavoidable pull of gravity (i.e. support your breast implants). So, it's really important that your bra fits properly.

What is a Bra Sister SIze?

At some point during your boobie journey you’ll hear the phrase “they’re sisters, not twins” in reference to breasts. It's a phrase used to reassure you that no one is totally symmetrical and small differences between your breasts are totally normal (even a breast augmentation).

But have you heard about the other sisters- the bra "sister sizes"? (Game changer alert!)

Before I explain, let's cover some bra basics...

Bra 101

Do you know what your bra size means?

  • The band size (the number part) - is the size of your ribcage (underbust)

  • The cup size (the letter part) - is the size of your breasts in relation to your ribcage

Pretty easy so far, but it's about to get a bit more complicated so stay with me...

What are Bra Sister Sizes?

Cup size is not static.

So, a 32E is not the same volume as a 34E.

Take my fictional lady above "Miss 30F", her breasts are the volume as "Miss 32E", "Miss 34E", "Miss 36D" and "Miss 38C". They all wear a different size bra but their breasts are the same volume.

They are bra sisters.

So, What Are Bra Sister Sizes?

Bra Sister Sizing is a hidden secret to many woman. Knowing the bra sister sizing system (and your bra sister sizes) can be very useful when shopping for bras.

What is means is... you will actually fit in to a few different bra sizes!

What is my Bra SIster Size?

Find your bra size in the above chart and your sister sizes are the sizes to the left and right. For example, "Miss 30F's" sister sizes are 28G and 32DDD/E.

In short, it means that there is more than one size bra that will fit you. That’s got to be a YAY if you’re hunting the racks for a 32DD and your choices are limited, because it means you can also look at 34D or 30E bras.

How to figure out my bra sister size

So, next time you head to the store on a bra mission maybe try the sister sizes if you think a bra doesn’t fit... your perfect bra may just be a different size then what you’re expecting.

And, if you get stuck just remember:

Up a band, down a cup

Down a band, up a cup

Happy bra shopping ladies :)

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

We need to share this with the world! So few people know their ideal size to begin with but I bet there is someone in your city who is an expert bra-sizer. If you can't find one, come to Raleigh. We've got a couple of wonderful women who take the time to be an expert guide.