Kat's Story: Getting Breast Implants with Tubular Breasts

Jenny Eden: I was totally inspired by Kat sharing her story about growing up with tuberous breasts and her journey to feeling better about her breasts following a breast augmentation. I hope you find Kat’s story inspiring too :)

Kat’s Story…

Here’s a little bit about me…

I grew up in rural Tennessee. I am the mother of an amazing seven year old boy named Colt, who is my world, and I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost ten years.

And… I have tuberous breasts.

Around the age of fourteen I started realizing that my breasts weren’t developing like my friends. From fourteen to twenty six I hid myself from everyone, avoiding situations where my breast issues may be noticed.

Low cut shirts, bathing suits and un-padded bras were my enemy. I did everything in my power to hide my body. 

Time passed and I learned to keep my tubular breasts hidden. But at the age of twenty six I became pregnant. Not only was I very excited about becoming a mother, I was also very excited about the possibility of developing breasts with pregnancy and breast feeding. But, alas, nothing changed. 

When my son was five I decided I would pursue having a breast augmentation to correct my tubular breasts.

As I began my research I discovered I had severe tubular breast ( type IV).

I read a lot of research articles on new methods doctors are trying to correct the deformity. I also reviewed several plastic surgeons to find the right one for me. I chose to consult with Dr. Deal, with Southern Surgical Arts, out of Chattanooga, TN.

Finding a surgeon who is extremely knowledgeable about my specific breast issue and the ways to correct it was key.

I had a list of questions that I had gathered from my research that I knew would help hone in on my specific needs. My initial excitement about finding a solution, however, was followed by disappointment when I found out that I would more than likely need multiple surgeries to fix the issue.

Even though I was disappointed I went ahead and scheduled my surgery, opting for 445cc moderate profile Natrelle silicone breast implants, placed under the muscle.

When the day arrived I was beyond nervous.

My surgery experience though was totally amazing!

As I woke up in recovery I was in A LOT of pain, which, thankfully, my surgeon had prepared me for. Prior to my surgery I learned that a breast augmentation to correct tubular breasts is a pretty intense thing.

With tubular breast deformity not only do they create a pocket for the implant to sit in under the muscle, they also have to release the banded fibers around the nipple that create the tubular shape and stretch the tissue to create a normal breast shape.

The ride home following surgery I honestly don’t remember! But, the next few days were miserable. I was in a lot of pain, black and blue from about 3 inches under my nipple and above on both breasts. I was not able to do much for several days. Thanks to my husband and mother I made it through recovery and healed well. And…


As time passed I thought "wow, I'm going to get away with one surgery!" I was amazed at the way my body healed.

About 6 months post-op, though, I noticed the lower pole of my breast started to create an odd shape. I returned to my surgeon for my 6-month post-op appointment where I discovered I would in fact need another surgery. I wasn't ready for it. I finally had "normal " breasts and was so scared to go through the pain again. So I chose not to get the second surgery.

Over time the problem with the shape of the lower pole of my breasts continued to become more and more visible to me. I discussed it time and time again with my husband, who finally convinced me I needed to go get it fixed; that I was never going to be truly happy till it was gone. So I did.

8 months post-op from my first surgery I underwent by second operation. In this second procedure I went bigger with my implants, sticking with Natrelle silicone implants but this time I went for 605cc in a moderate plus profile. I went bigger because my surgeon advised that the more lower pole weight in my breasts the better the outcome would be.

My second surgery was a breeze! I woke up with NO pain. The next couple of days I took it easy but by no means was it as rough as the first. 

I am so beyond happy with the outcome I have been able to achieve from my breast augmentation surgeries.

A lot of women talk about how much more confidence they have after a breast augmentation. But for me it was so much more.

I felt for the first time in in my life like I didn’t have to hide.

I was so excited as a 33 year old woman to go bra shopping! Something that before I always left with tears in my eyes was now exciting. Even in my blue jeans and tees I just feel more like myself. More like who I was supposed to be. Going a lifetime feeling like I had to hide or be ashamed of my body was gone. 

Jenny Eden: Thanks so much for sharing your story Kat! Your results are amazing and I know that sharing your story will help many other women in the breast augmentation community :)

If you have questions for Kat, her instagram is: Kattrotter2242

* Tubular (or tuberous) breasts are tube-like shaped. The breasts don’t develop fully during puberty and can be asymmetrical, droopy and unusually far apart. It can also affect one or both breasts.