Jessica's Story: Going from Deflated B's to Full C's

If you would like to share your story about breast implants by answering these five quick questions, please let me know!

Jenny Eden: Think about the story that led to you getting a breast augmentation... how come you decided to get breast implants?

Jessica: Growing up I've never really had negative or positive feelings regarding my boobs. They were never obvious to anyone (even me).

I've always been athletic and really spent most of my teens in sports bras and on the tennis court. When I wore bathing suits I never really cared, because I always had a pretty muscular/athletic body in a bikini!

Then I went to college, and I lost that muscular/athletic body but my boobs actually got little bigger because I gained some weight! BUT then came my husband and 2 amazing kids...

And OUT went my boobs.

They were saggy, deflated and overall just pathetic looking. I couldn't wear bikinis, sexy tops or dresses anymore and NONE of my bras fit me. I hated getting intimate with my husband because my boobs just kind of laid flat to my sides (Totally NOT sexy) and I just didn't have any confidence in my clothes or even my tennis/work out clothes.

The first time I got undressed in a dressing room with my mom and sister after my second child they both just looked at me, and each at different times afterwards told me I should consider getting a breast augmentation.

SO, I scheduled 4 consults and after my first consult I just knew that I was going to have the surgery. I couldn't have been more excited!

Jenny Eden: What kind of challenges or frustrations did you face once you decided to get a breast augmentation?

Jessica: My main concern was that putting 2 big breast implants behind my nipples will just make me look like I now have 2 BIG saggy boobs instead of just 2 medium sagging boobs. Choosing the doctor that addressed these concerns without me having to bring it up made me feel confident that I was going with the right PS for me!

I was so confused about how the breast implants would look like on me. Different sizes look so different on each person, and it is hard to be confident in making a decision that you can't reverse without another breast augmentation surgery. Once I released that decision to my PS using Eden's Boobie Guides (Boobie Step #3), I felt much better in this decision.

Jenny Eden: Tell us about your most favorite thing about having breast implants :-)

Jessica: I love that I can look sexy in a T-shirt and Sports Bra!

And I love the confidence my breast implants have given me.

Jenny Eden: How big did you end up going?

Jessica: I'm 5'8" and 150lbs and I have pretty broad shoulders. I started at a deflated B cup, and I wanted to be a Full C cup.

I ended up going with Mentor MemoryShape (Tear Drop) 350cc breast Implants with Tall Moderate Plus Profile.

Jenny Eden: What were the most helpful parts of your breast augmentation journey??

Jessica: Eden's Recovery Kit! Also, the articles. I loved knowing that if I had a question or concern that it was addressed in one place! All the advice on products really helped as well!

Jenny Eden made the whole process of getting a breast augmentation less stressful and MORE FUN!

Jenny Eden: Well shucks :-)